How Much is a Grill: Comparing Cost Between Gas, Charcoal and Electric Grill

How much is a grill? We’ll compare prices between gas, charcoal and electric grill to make the right decision of which type of grill best fits your budget.

Barbecue or grilling is a traditional way of cooking food that is widely popular all over the world. You can expect a grilled piece of meat or a number of foods cooked on a grill in any picnic or outdoor party in any family gathering. It is not surprising since nothing seems to compare to that juicy, smoky and flavorful bite that you get in a perfectly barbecued protein.

Grilling is popular not just during summertime that is why a grill is the centerpiece of any backyard shindig. It is also widely known that grilling has progressed into different types of processes and techniques which resulted to equipment used for to vastly evolve as well. Just as there are different types of people with varied aesthetics in cooking, barbecue has progressed into being done with a variety of grills.

Cooking on a grill is tradition but this does not automatically translate to being a pro at it. There are a lot of different types of home chefs who continue creating their flavors and perfecting the cooking temperatures of their meat according to the grill and method they are most accustomed to. Hence, the different types of grills greatly help in propagating and ensuring that barbecue will be a tradition through many, many generations.

Now, if you are new to the grilling or barbecuing circuit, your first thought will be getting yourself a good grill to use and typically, you will automatically wonder about the price of purchasing one. However, before you get into comparing which grill works for you and your budget, you have to consider first whether you want to invest in an expensive or a cheap grill.

It is not a secret that not all can afford the top-of-the-line grill and that should not be a bad thing. But it is also wise to think of your grill as a type of investment since you will most probably be using it often to create feasts and some good barbecue for family and friends no matter what the occasion.


Just how different is a hundred-dollar grill from one that costs a thousand? You can decide in the end whether you are more inclined to spend big bucks at a one-time purchase or accumulate expenditures through maintenance and repairs the longer you use your grill.


The burners that you will find on cheap grills might be prone to rusting quicker than the ones on a more expensive grill. There is a big chance that the burners made for less expensive grills are constructed from low grade stainless steel which will not last you more than a season.

Burners on an expensive grill will most definitely be made from thicker gauge stainless steel which will last for years before you need to have it checked or replaced. This is especially true when you opt to get ones with cast iron burners.

Cheap grills will usually have an H burner which means it is controlled with only one knob. This limits your cooking to a single temperature for all your food which might ruin your protein’s cook time. Expensive grills have multiple burners enabling you to adjust heat in different zones on your grill providing you the option of cooking different types of food at varying temperatures.

Heat Output

A grill’s BTU rating is important but can be a bit tricky. Most cheap grills will boast of a high BTU heat output but then, it does not account for the efficiency of the equipment to actually make the most out of this temperature because of cheap parts and ill-fitting lids. Expensive grills on the other hand have infrared which produces high number of BTU as well as have high quality parts to really work with efficiency.

Size and Accessories

It is obvious that when you go for a more expensive grill, you will have more than enough grilling space to cook your heart out. It will also have more accessories that you can enjoy when barbecuing as opposed to a cheap, small one. You can get a smoker, rotisserie, side burners, convection fans etc…


A huge factor aside from the build quality of your grill is its warranty. There are some inexpensive models which boasts of a 10-year warranty but when you look into the fine print, it does not encompass all parts of the grill. You might find out too late that the burners do not fall under the replacement warranty. However, for a little bit more cash, you will most certainly get a lifetime, all-inclusive warranty on top of highly durable, top of the line construct materials for your grill.


There are varying types of grills that you can purchase and all of them run on different fuel types. Comparing these different types of equipment will help you determine which one works best for you because you cannot just base your choice on the price tag.

gas grill cost


The gas grill is the most popular type of barbecuing equipment. There are two types of gas grills: Natural Gas and Propane Gas.

Natural gas grills usually run on natural gas which is supplied to your home while the propane gas grills run on gas tanks that you often see in stores. Both have their advantages and disadvantages but in general, getting a gas grill has these pros and cons:

  • Easy to clean and have great temperature control.
  • Cheapest fuel source among all the grills.
  • Easy to use and preheat.
  • Can be expensive and take up a lot of space.
  • Does not add much smoky flavor.

A gas grill will cost about an average of $150 to $350. However, if you are willing to blow some serious cash, you can get one that is worth up to $25,000. But usually, a gas grill as expensive as that is a hybrid kind which means you can use gas, charcoal and wood as fuel.

Fuel cost should also be accounted when considering the cost of a grill. Natural gas is inexpensive and can be automatically part of your household monthly expenses. A 20lb propane gas tank if bought empty will cost you around $35 to $60. If you plan to refill it, since you will most likely burn through all that propane, it will cost you about $3-$4 per gallon.

charcoal grill cost


Most people will opt for a charcoal grill because you get the best smokiness in flavor when it comes to grilling. There is just no replicating the exact deliciousness one gets from cooking over charcoal fueled flame.

A charcoal grill is probably the least expensive grill among the four types and have the most varying shapes and sizes. You also have to be more adept in cooking with charcoal flames since you do not have a knob which helps you lower or raise your grill’s temperature. Here are the pros and cons of getting a charcoal grill:

  • Affordable
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Burns hotter than gas
  • Tricky temperature control
  • Messy
  • Hard to clean
  • Cause health problems when used excessively

As mentioned, charcoal grills are relatively cheap and will cost you around $30 for a basic grill. High end types can go up to $2000 and higher. Again, this depends on the type of material it is constructed from as well as its size.

Charcoal or briquettes to fuel the grill will cost about $8 to $10 for a 7kg bag. This is not so bad if you are planning a cookout just enough for a couple of friends and family. However, if you are having a huge, weekender that will require you to dole out continuous, good barbecue, you might end up getting a couple of bags for good measure.

electric grill cost


These types of grills are popular for those who have limited space or if they live in an apartment where gas or charcoal type of grills are not allowed within or around the vicinity. These are great alternatives for grills and will heat up quickly so you can enjoy food right away. It is also pretty easy to use and as long as you have an electrical outlet present, you can grill just about anywhere. Unfortunately, it will be rendered useless if there is no electricity.

The pros and cons of having an electric grill are as follows:

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Quick to heat up
  • Large ones are difficult to find
  • Does not impart smokiness in flavor
  • Will not work without electricity

An electric grill will cost you about $40 for a small one which might sound cheaper in monetary but the amount of space you can actually cook on is lesser than most grills. You can get a big, outdoorsy, party type of electric grill at around $1000 or higher.

As per fuel cost, the electric grill does not consume too much electricity when used so you are looking at $0.25 per hour of usage.


There can be a lot of other factors which will greatly affect the price of your grill, relatively and figuratively speaking. You can also decide based on how long you are planning to be using your grill and how often you are going to use it. This will account for fuel cost as well as upkeep and maintenance. Just keep in mind that the entire point of getting a grill, whatever type it is, is to have fun and enjoy barbecue at your convenience!

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