How to Make a Fire Pit Screen (2022 Quick Guide)

How to Make a Fire Pit Screen

Want to know how to make a Fire Pit Screen? This article will help you on creating your first fire pit screen. Enjoying the warmth of an open fire pit or camp fire is something that everyone should be able to experience, worry-free! Whenever you and your family as well as friends are gathered around … Read more

How to Light a Fire Pit : 2022 Quick Guide

How to Light a Fire Pit

There are absolutely a lot of reasons why you would want a fire pit in your backyard or start a camp fire while outdoors with friends and family. Cozying up near a blazing fire, smelling that smokey, delicious taste of barbecue and just enjoying the crackling sound of wood burning can really make any gathering … Read more

Deer Tallow Candles DIY 2022

Deer Tallow Candles DIY 2022

Tallow candles can be made from animal fat that has been rendered and is a great way to put parts of an animal to use that you may have otherwise thrown out, one most common is deer tallow candles. It works best with fat that is quite firm at room temperature. While I’ve heard people … Read more

Types of Smoking Wood: 2022 Quick Guide

Types of Smoking Wood

Cooking with real wood smoke from smoking wood or a firewood fire is the ultimate in outdoor cooking. The flavors and aromas of several varieties of savory aromatic woods can greatly enhance your raw ingredients. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere and you probably already know, the most widely available and familiar types of smoking wood are … Read more