5 Tips on How to Keep Fire Pit from Rusting

Who would have missed a simple get-together of old friends and family in a small circle around the warmth of the flickering lights of a fire pit on a summer night, rekindling human connection through meaningful and deep conversations? I guess no one.

Remembering the good old days, you’ll undoubtedly laugh it out together while gazing at a starry sky. A fire pit serves as the centerpiece in creating a perfect new memory with the most amazing people in your life.

Though, there is that one thing that could ruin this idyllic summer evening: pulling out your fire pit only to discover that it has rusted over the winter. Oh! no!, this could totally be a big disaster! And could possibly ruin the entire intimate gathering.

In this article, we’ll go over some easy tips on how to keep fire pit from rusting that you can do inside the comfort of your home.

5 Tips on How to Keep Fire Pit from Rusting

Easy Tip # 1- Keep Your Fire Pit Indoor

When you’re not using your fire pit, the simplest way to keep it from rusting is to store it indoors. Just make sure that it’s under a roof or in any covered area where rain cannot reach it.

Make space for your fire pit to be stored both temporarily and permanently – in your garage, a spare room inside your home which has easy access to the fire pit area, or even beneath a covered area like a patio.

You must do this because getting a fire pit wet from rain is one of the major causes of rust on fire pits that we don’t want in any way. The water typically stays stuck in the fire pit. Consequently, your fire pit will begin to rust, so you must keep it dry with an old towel or rags and place it in the sun to dry thoroughly.

Easy Tip # 2- Waterproof Cover Can Be A Lifesaver

For whatever reason, you must get a waterproof cover for your fire pit if you are unable to keep it under a roof. While a waterproof cover isn’t the best option, it will provide your fire pit with a fair amount of protection when it’s the only option available.

A few inexpensive ones won’t adequately protect your fire pit, so make sure you spend money on a high-quality waterproof cover. Your fire pit will be better protected from the weather and rust won’t form thanks to a waterproof cover.

They’ll safeguard your fire pit against water accumulation, which can also lead to rust growth. But before you go buying the stuff, make sure to do some research and try to write down the features that you’re looking into that will best suits your needs and budget at the same time because poor planning may cause cost penny from your pocket.

Easy Tip #3 -You Cannot Go Wrong with Vegetable Oil

A fire pit may still come into contact with moisture even after being properly stored due to atmospheric humidity. How can I preserve my fire pit against this persistent moisture? Wait, this would surely surprise you but the remedy can be found inside your kitchen – vegetable oil. Yep! oil creates a natural protective barrier between metal and rust. Who would have thought that it will be a helping agent to keep your fire pit rust-free. This is a hassle-free and inexpensive thing to do just simply apply a thin layer of vegetable oil. Do it at least once per season as a form of maintenance. So quick and easy, right?

Easy Tip #4 – Clean Your Fire Pit Regularly

The ashes left in your fire pit the night after are the apparent evidence of remnants that can absorb moisture in the atmosphere. However, inevitable rain and precipitation are the less obvious ways that your fire pit can be exposed to moisture. If left unnoticed, these elements can damage the interior and bowl of your fire pit. A simple way to avoid this is to clean out your fire pit on a regular basis. Yeah! It only takes a little sweat and effort to maintain the cleanliness of your fire pit. So, make it a habit to include it while doing your other chores.

Easy Tip #5 – Check the Weather

Here’s another tip, avoid using your fire pit when poor weather is forecasted, is the most obvious and rational technique to prevent rust damage. The most common cause of rust damage to metal fire pits is rain. When there is a potential rainfall, please refrain from utilizing the fire pit. Better yet just grab your phone, check your calendar, and reschedule your get-together activity. There’s nothing more enjoyable for a certain gathering under good weather. After all, it pays a lot when you’re fully aware of the weather and avoids untoward circumstances.

Minor Fire Pit Rust Repair

If your fire pit still rusts a little after using one or more of the rust prevention techniques indicated above, it should be a simple remedy. This rust shouldn’t be any deeper than the surface and shouldn’t require additional labor to cure.

You can get rid of this slight rust from your fire pit in two different ways. If the rust patch isn’t large enough to justify purchasing a professional rust remover, you can use a commercial rust remover created especially for fire pits, or you can try a natural method to remove the rust.

You must follow the instructions on the rust remover’s packaging when using commercial rust removal products, but they are typically simple to use. The procedures listed below can be used to naturally remove a tiny piece of rust from your fire pit.

Step 1: Wash the area with warm water and soap to remove any dirt or loose rust from the rusted region.

Step 2: Isolate the rusted region using masking tape to protect the parts of your fire pit that aren’t rusted.

Step 3: Sand the rusty area with some sandpaper. This step can be done with a sander, but make sure you use sandpaper with a fine grain of at least 220. To avoid inhaling rust during this process, remember to wear a respirator or mask.

Step 4: After you’ve finished sanding the area, use a moist cloth to remove the dust.

Step 5: Spray a high heat paint on the area to seal it off from potential weather damage. Apply a thin coat initially, let it completely dry, and then add more coats as necessary.

What causes my fire pit to rust?

Steel is among the earth’s most adaptable and useful materials, but it does have one drawback: it rusts quite easily. These particles, which are mostly made of iron, naturally corrode when exposed to oxygen and moisture through humidity, water vapor, or being struck by a garden hose.

The iron particles will eventually erode as a result of the rust, which first discolors the material’s outer finish on the surface.

It normally has a reddish or black appearance, and in specific circumstances where it is exposed to salt, acids, chemicals, and temperature fluctuations, rusting can happen more quickly.

Your fire pit will suffer significant damage from rust, which eats away at the metal and gradually deteriorates it until it falls apart and becomes unsightly.

Is rust can be harmful?

Rust exposure can be harmful to your health in some situations. A healthline.com article claims that while coming into contact with rust may discolor your skin, it won’t hurt you in any other way. However, you run the risk of contracting the dangerous condition known as tetanus if the bacteria frequently present on rust are allowed to enter your body through a cut or other lesion with broken skin. Having said, when dealing with it one should take extra precautions to avoid further side effects. You may use and wear protective clothing and gears whenever necessary to maintain your health and safety.

Moreover, rust not only poses health dangers but can also result in other issues. An attractive metal fire pit’s aesthetics can be ruined by rust, but if the metal is allowed to corrode too much, the fire pit’s structural stability may also be jeopardized.

Have fun with your fire pit year-round

To ensure that your fire pit is completely protected, it is beneficial and recommended to apply more than one technique at once whichever is suitable for you. It’s totally up to you what combination of the given tips you will choose. Remember, there are also other underlying factors that may arise and things to consider when it comes to the protection of the fire pit.

Even though rain and moisture are not your metal fire pit’s best friends, there are a few easy ways to maintain it secure and rust-free. You may be sure to have many bonfires in your metal fire pit by keeping it properly stored, conducting routine maintenance, and watching out for common rust areas. These are easy to follow as an owner you just have to be mindful of the additional value that is brought by the fire pit in your house. More than a thing – it re-ignites human relationships by bridging the gap among people in a more modern yet conventional way. Its dancing flames invite more engaging and sensible talks about career, love, and celebration of life at its fullest.

After all, you should maintain your fire pit in top shape to make sure it lasts you as long as possible because they are a favorite summertime feature. And that one of the essential centerpieces that draws people around the fire not only for the purpose of enjoying the delicious foods with cold drinks as well as diving into the music that fills the summer air, but the company shared amongst everyone that will surely leave a beautiful memory that keeps everyone coming back each time. That’s its folks! Have an amazing summer night ahead.

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