Types of Outdoor Fire Pits

An outdoor fire pit is an excellent way to spice up your backyard or patio. It’s always fun to sit around a roaring fire with friends and family. Some are permanent structures, some are temporary, some are portable and some fire pits are even made to be cooked on so that you can enjoy a fire and enjoy delicious grilled food. There are many types of outdoor fire pits so look around before buying one or building one to be sure you are getting a fire pit that will suit your needs. They vary a lot in size and styles so do your homework before buying!

Here is some information about different types of outdoor fire pits that are available or can be built. There is also some information on specific fire pits available on the market:

Different Types of Outdoor Fire Pits:

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  • Wood Burning Grill or Fire Pit Grill – A wood burning grill is a fire pit which is specifically designed for fire pit cooking. It comes with a grill grate which fits on your firepit above your firewood embers. Some even have available rotisseries so that you can slowly cook large roasts over your real hardwood fire!
  • Portable fire pit – There are several makers of portable outdoor firepits. These are generally large metal (some are ceramic) bowls with legs and a mesh lid. Some have wheels on two legs for easy portability. Some also come with a grill grate that can be placed on top so that your fire pit will double as a barbeque! Still others can hold a rotisserie device for roasting meats.
  • Fire pit table – Many fire pits are built into an outdoor table or have a table-like rim around the fire pit. This is handy both for holding food that you are grilling on the grill but also for resting your beverage or plate while you relax around the fire.
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  • Cast iron fire pit – Many portable outdoor fire pits are made from cast iron which is heavy and strong. It is a good relatively inexpensive material for your fire pit that will last a long time. However, cast iron has a slightly lower melting point than copper, so it may not last as long as the best copper fire pits.
  • Copper fire pit – A copper fire pit is a fancy option for an outdoor fire pit. Copper has a very high melting point, making it very durable and long lasting. The pretty color of the metal also makes these very attractive fire pits. They tend to be more expensive than a cast iron fire pit but probably make up for it in longevity. They come in many sizes and styles.
  • Outdoor Fireplace – An upright outdoor fireplace, either portable or a build-in outdoor stone fireplace as pictured here, can enhance any patio or deck. The general design is similar to a typical indoor fireplace. There are both gas and firewood burning fireplaces.
  • Chiminea fire pit – A chiminea fire pit is an enclosed outdoor fire pit which is generally taller than it is wide. They usually have a tall chimney-like top to them. Again, they vary in styles and materials like other types of outdoor fire pits. Some are made of various metals but you can also find terra cotta chimineas as well.
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  • Sojoe fire pit – This is a specific brand of outdoor fire pit which is very popular. The Sojoe is a portable fire pit which has a deep basin made of a very thick cold-rolled steel shell. Because it is so thick, these fire pits last a long time. They also look great and have various models with designs on the sides including choices of star & moon, wildlife, willow crane and Kokopelli. The Sojoe fire pit comes with a removable grill for grilling food, a mesh lid, poker and cover. You can even buy an optional motorized rotisserie which attaches to the Sojoe so you can roast large cuts of meat! Not a cheap fire pit, but worth the extra tariff because of all these features.
  • Gas fire pit – If you want the warmth and some of the ambiance of an outdoor fire pit, without the hassles of firewood, lighting the fire and cleaning up the ash, then maybe a gas fire pit is for you! They run off of either a liquid propane tank or a natural gas line.
  • Campfire or simple stone fire pit – This is a cheap fire pit! A simple outdoor fire pit can be made simply by building a fire in a depression in the ground as long as you are on non-flammable dirt, soil or gravel. A ring of stones can be used to set the fire pit apart and prevent burning logs from rolling out. With a grill grate and a little creativity with stones for support, you can even turn this simple fire pit into a grill for cooking! A fire pit ring can also refer to a type of portable fire pit you can take anywhere.
  • Temporary brick fire pit – You can build your own outdoor fire pit with supplies that are readily accessible at any home supply store. Bricks or cinderblocks can be used to build a fire pit and you can even throw a grill on top to cook on it! This is a cheap fire pit option and can be built almost anywhere.
  • Permanent brick or stone fire pit – With a little more planning and elbow grease you “do-it-yourselfers” can build (or have built) a stone or brick permanent outdoor fire pit. Obviously, this requires the space to build the permanent structure, but once it’s there, you have years of fire pit fun ahead of you! If you plan it carefully, you can fit a grill grate on top as well for outdoor grilling over your wood fire.
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