Where to Buy Wood for Fire Pit in 2022

Not sure where to buy wood for fire pit? Let’s take a look at where you can find your fire pit woods.

There is nothing more soothing and relaxing like the crackling sound of wood burning steadily in a fire place or a fire pit. It provides an extra oomph to that cozy ambiance that a warm fire provides any setting whether indoor or outdoor. So, it is important that you have a handy stack or a good supply of firewood if you want to keep enjoying roaring fires at home especially during the cold weather season.

Unfortunately, as much as your house might be surrounded by trees, it is not that easy to get good quality wood to use for your fire pit. Besides, you do not want to burn just any type of wood you come across since there are types of wood that are better suited to be lit up and used. You have to be aware of the quality of the material you are using for your fire pit. This is why most people opt to buy firewood and opt to store them.

But, before you hop on your vehicle and go on a wood shopping spree, you have to consider some specifics!

  • Cost – You have to consider where to get good firewood but at the same time, affordable. Remember, you are burning wood not money. Also, check if you can have them delivered to your home if you are paying for ordering wood.
  • Quality – Again, you want to get your money’s worth of firewood. You have to know what types of wood which will burn most efficiently. Wood that is dry is always the better option and avoid the type that has been exposed terribly to the elements and insects.

The type of wood that you will want to get is DRY WOOD. This type of wood is light, burns easily and emits less smoke. Wood is dried by air which is referred to as SEASONED wood. Usually this is air dried for 6 months up to a year. Another way of drying wood is in a large oven referred to as KILN dried wood. This method kills insects and mildew on the wood.

Types of Wood to Use Best


Seasoned softwood such as Fir is a good choice. This type of wood ignites quickly and gives off a nice smell. These are usually used to help light up hardwood since they are easier to set fire to.


Seasoned hardwoods tend to burn longer, burns cleaner and creates less smoke while leaving minimal residue compared to other types of wood. These woods are denser so it will make a hotter and strong fire. Although, hardwood tend to be difficult to ignite so it is common to use softwood to get the flame going then add the hardwood.

Example: Oak, Hickory, Ash, Fruit Trees, Birch, Hickory, Dogwood

Types of Wood to Avoid Burning in Your Fire Pit

Drift Wood and Construction Wood

Driftwood usually is soaked with salt and water so it is automatically difficult to light. The saturation create by salt-water may also contain harmful chemicals that will be released once burned. You should not use construction materials as firewood either. Lumber that is used for projects are usually dipped in chemicals to keep it protected from mildew during construction process. Pine and processed lumber can cause harmful toxic smoke when burned.


These are types of wood that has been freshly cut and obviously have not been dried. They are water logged as well so you will have a hard time igniting them. If you do get them to light up, it will be a smokey mess while burning fast which means, you need to constantly feed wood to the fire. You may however buy freshly cut wood and used them for next year as fire wood since they will be seasoned enough by then.

Common Outdoor Woods

Wood surrounding your property might look combustible but you should not randomly use them especially if they show growth of vines or flowers. These wood could be poisonous plants and when you burn them, you will release the poison in the air, risking your health when inhaled. Examples are poison ivy, poison oak or Oleander plants. Always consider the wood you will be using before starting a fire and stocking up. You do not want to waste a lot of money or effort only to realize that you collected the wrong wood for your fire pit.

So, where to buy wood for fire pit?

where to buy wood for fire pit

Where to Buy Wood for Fire Pit

There are a number of distributors that sell firewood commercially to consumers. These companies or people even offer pick up and delivery options. You can find some listings in your city. If you buy your fire wood from these sellers you will know that you are getting the right type of fuel for your fire pit since they understand the wood they sell. These distributors are also a great way to buy specific types of wood that are more difficult to find in grocery or depot stores. The downside though is that you will not be able to check the wood before actually making the purchase. Plus, pricing might vary depending on the area locations.

Online Listings

You can practically find everything online these days so it’s not a surprise if you can order your firewood from an online market place. You can sit back and browse online. There are websites especially made to cater to such products and there are a number of advertisement online regarding deals and sales from homeowners looking to clear up some wood from their own backyard. The downside is that the internet is a place filled with scammers, bogus and fraudulent sellers so the quality and quantity of wood you might be purchasing is in jeopardy. Also, if you are buying in a hurry, there might not be listings that can immediately cater to your needs.

Gas Stations and Grocery Stores

Places such as these usually sell bundles of firewood and they are nicely, well-seasoned. The wood they sell by bulk is also pretty portable wince they are wrapped in sturdy, convenient plastic with handles, which you will have to pay as well. These stores offer convenience that you can actually pay for and are the best option to choose from if you are looking for just a couple of logs to burn on your fire pit for a certain night of barbecuing or camping. Just keep a look out and make sure the wood you are buying is kiln-dried so that it is free of mildew and insect infestation. The downside is that logs from these stores might cost higher than any other source.

Big Box Commercial Stores

The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Wall-Mart etc… have an outdoor living section in their stores which will definitely have a lot of wood to sell since they also showcase fire pits. It is pretty convenient and they even offer truck rental services so you can bring your wood purchases home easily. These companies buy firewood by bulk and you can be sure they are all kiln dried so it is definitely safe. They stock and sell firewood in season so you can easily check your local store if they have bundles to currently sell. The downside is probably the mediocre pricing that they offer. Still, they offer better prices than gas stations.

Independent Sellers or Neighbors

Check your locals for independent wood sellers. Usually there are some individuals with a lot of wood to split and spare who might be willing to sell these fire pit materials door to door. These people will usually give you a good price for a bunch of logs plus, you can establish a good business relationship and won’t have to worry about where to get your next supply of wood. It’s always a good deal if they can deliver it to your doorstep. The downside would probably be that you have to inspect the wood if they are seasoned or typically greenwood. Plus, the availability or quantity of wood will vary and won’t be available if you are in a pinch.


There are a lot of different sources and options to buy wood for your fire pit, it just requires more discernment and research from you. Just keep in mind that you do not need to burn money to get top quality wood for your fire pit. It is also advisable to plan or schedule ahead of the season just so you do not get into a bind when it is time for you to use your fire pit.

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