What to Put around Fire Pit? (2022 Quick Answer)

Don’t know what to put around fire pit? This article will give you suggestion on what you can put around your fire pit to maximize it performance and prevent any harmful events that might happen.

If you want to improve your outdoor space, then having a fire pit in your backyard or in your garden is an excellent idea that you need to consider. However, you must need to know that building a fire pit is never an easy task. Here are some advices or suggestions on what to put around fire pit.

1. Rocks

Hard rock like granite, marble or slate are most recommended choice if you decide to have rocks around your fire pit since these hard rocks are much denser so it is less likely absorb water and explode when exposed to heat. There are also other rocks that are safe to use namely fire rate brick, lava glass, lava rocks and poured concrete. But, you need to be extra cautious in choosing what kind of rock you are going put around your fire pit. Sandstone, limestone, pumice, gravel and other river rocks are some of the rock that you must avoid to choose since they are porous nature which means they can hold water. Wet rocks are most likely to explode than dry rocks that is why you need to be careful when lighting your fire pit after it has rained. 

Note: Keep your fire pit dry as possible if you have rocks around it to avoid sudden and unwanted explosion.

2. Bricks

A regular brick won’t work in a fire pit since it will just crack when put in a high heat temperature and might cause a severe accident. Instead of regular bricks, use a firebrick which also called as refractory bricks. This kind of brick is way denser than regular bricks because it undergone to a kiln process for it to withstand high temperatures. However, this kind of brick is considered expensive yet, it has good quality for it can last long period of time.

Note: Firebrick is not easy to install and lay properly so we suggest to go hire some expert to help you have a firebrick on your fire pit.

3. Sand

Just like in bricks, there is recommend kind of sand that you can be used as based of your fire pit. Fire-proof silica sand is a best base layer for your fire pits.  Silica sand has time-saving and user friendly features to cover the bottom part of your fire pit. You can add fire glass or maybe a lava rock on top of the sand if you wish for more aesthetic effect. 

Note: The purpose of sand in lining the base of your fire pit is to give protection to the metal of the bottom of the pit from high heat.

4. Cement/Concrete

Placing or putting a fire pit on a cement or concrete can be also a good alternative. Cleaning it is not a hard work since you can easily remove any ash left behind from fires. The only lapses when using a concrete around your pit is that when constant usage it will crack due to high temperature which will be a bit annoying and costly because you will be going to repair it over and over again.

Note: Fire pit that has concrete around it should constructed carefully because when it has constant exposure to the high temperature, the moisture will be trapped inside of it and when it happens, the concrete will eventually expand which can cause crack of the concrete and also possible explosion might occur.

What do you put under fire pit on the deck

What do you put under fire pit on the deck?

In order to refrain future damage and potential fire disaster, here are some of specially designed fire mats to put under your fire pit that can resist even in an extremely high temperature that a fire pit can possibly reach.

1. Heat Resistant Tiles

There are tiles that can bear high temperature which can be put underneath a fire pit. Tiles that are made up from clay, concrete, stone, and ceramic materials can give high level of protection against the hot embers which will come off from the base of the fire pit. These kinds of tiles are most recommended because these are very durable and can last long period of time so you won’t have to worry in replacing it from time to time.

Pros: Heat resistant tiles can able to withstand an extreme level of heat.

Cons: Heat resistant tiles is not so budget friendly since it cost more than other fire mats.

2. Landscaping Tiles

If you have a wood deck, then landscaping tiles will be your good friend. Landscaping tiles can withstand any type of weather. It also comes in different shapes and sizes which are all water-resistant making them fireproof as well. These kind of tiles are very easy to maintain and clean, you will just be going to need water, soap and pressure washer then you’re good to go.  It also has different variety of colors and texture which are all designed to protect your wood deck.

Pros: Landscaping tiles can withstand any type of weather.

Cons: Very in demand in the market so it is not easy to purchase them.

3. Paver, Stones and Bricks

The most common options that you can put under your fire pit. However, if you choose either pavers or stone, you must need to know that they will expand and contract depending on the weather conditions most especially during heat season, so there will be a big possibility that it could damage your deck as the time passed by.  This is why we recommend brick as best option among paver and stone if you wish to place your fire under an existing wood deck.

Pros: Brick material is the most durable option among the three to place around the fire pit.

Cons: Paver and stone will easily expand when too much exposed to the heat which might cause explosion.

4. Cement Board

A cement board is also one of the most common materials used for deck protection and aesthetic purposes as well. It also has a great look, especially if you are trying to match it with another material that can exposed in your yard or patio area surrounding your fire pit. This kind of fire mat is very easy to install having the fact that it is budget friendly material.

Pros: Cement board material can elevate the aesthetic ambiance of your fireplace. It is also cost efficient material.

Cons: Same thing with paver and stone it will easily expand when too much exposed to the heat which might cause fire emergency.

What should you not put under a fire pit on a deck

It is obvious as it may seem but always put to mind that you should not put any flammable thing under your fire pit on deck. What else should you not put under a fire pit on a deck? Here are the few list:

* Never leave anything flammable around or under fire pit on deck like, dry leaves, paper, wood or anything that can trigger ignition.

* Refrain from using lighter fluid especially during windy.

* Avoid using flammable liquids to create a fire.

Safety precautions in having a backyard fire pit:

Something is quite fascinating about sitting in your outdoor space while enjoying the chilly evening and having some s’mores beside your fire pit. But, before you light up a blaze, take your time in reading these few of safety precautions for your backyard fireplace.

1. Check the wind conditions

Before lighting up your fire pit, be sure to check first the local weather forecast.  Avoid lighting your fire pit on usually windy days because it will be harder to kindle and might blow sparks to surrounding brush or structure which might cause unexpected fire. You also have to always check where is the wind direction before igniting a fire. Consider to advise your guest to sit on the upwind side of the pit to give way of smoke.

2. Build the fire in the open area

Always remember, do not light your fire pit beneath trees or any hanging and flammable materials around your pit that can possibly trigger fire emergencies.

3. Do not burn construction lumber

Never burn construction materials such as plywood, MDF, pressure- treated boards and posts, or any chemically treated wood pallets. Construction lumber are materials that is already treated with different chemicals that can easily emit toxic fumes when ignited which can cause health issues when you constantly inhale its smoke.

4. Always be ready to extinguish the flame

As the saying goes, do not play with fire. It may magical and fascinating as it looks but it can also be very unpredictable and has a strong destructive force. So you really have to set your fire pit in a safety location to avoid serious problem. You should always have a source of water not too far across the fire pit so you can easily access and use the water just in case. You should also take into account teaching your children the classic yet, helpful “stop, drop, and roll” technique in any case that their clothes might catch fire.


Having a backyard fireplace is both leisure and responsibility, you can have an extravagant outdoor space but be sure that you also be responsible to take good care of it to avoid creating burden to your household and even to your neighborhood.

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