TerraCycle Eco-Revolutionary Fire Log

What is the TerraCycle Eco-Revolutionary Fire Log?

The TerraCycle eco-revolutionary fire log is a new eco-friendly firewood alternative which is on the market. If you are looking for an alternative to regular firewood and don’t like the idea of those processed, chemical-containing artificial fire logs like Duraflame fire logs then this is definitely something to consider along with another favorite of mine, the Java Log.

These fire logs are made of 100% recycled waxed cardboard boxes. Apparently, waxed corrugated cardboard used for some packaging materials is not recyclable by standard means. Rather than throw these in garbage dumps around the world, TerraCycle had the clever idea to chop them up, press them into a solid log and re-sell them as firewood! The natural wax coating acts both as a binder and helps the pressed cardboard burn nice and slowly.

These fire logs light relatively easily and burn at least a couple hours.

What are the advantages of this firelog?

  • These are 100% recycled, from cardboard and wax that otherwise would go into landfills.
  • In addition, they have no nasty chemical additives so they are good for the environment and give off minimal emissions.
  • Relatively easy to light: While theoretically these light simply by lighting each end of the paper covering of each log, some need a little extra prodding. In the box I went through, I found that they light more reliably if you add a bit more kindling to get it started. I added some bunched up newspaper around the log or even a single stick of fatwood. It also helps to roll the log around a bit once it gets going to be sure it gets air and is burning completely.
  • These burn nicely for a few hours.

Do they smell like anything?

One out of the four logs that I tested smoked quite a bit and gave off a subtle aroma of burning cardboard boxes, as you might expect. It stopped smoking after I rolled it a bit and broke it up with my poker. Otherwise, these burn pretty clean and I have not noticed any significant aroma.

So what is my conclusion about the TerraCycle Fire Log?

I thought these performed pretty well! I personally prefer the Java Log slightly for three reasons: For one, the Java Log seemed to light a bit easier as everyone lit by simply lighting the bag as instructed. The TerraCycle log took a bit more, but is still relatively easy compared to regular firewood and considering that there are no chemical additives. Secondly, one of these logs did give off some smoke, as mentioned above, with a bit of a burning cardboard aroma. I haven’t had that experience with the Java Log. However, this was only briefly with one of the several logs I sampled. Finally, I got the sense that these burned just a bit less vividly than the Java Log, although I didn’t burn them side by side to compare directly.

Overall, this is an excellent, healthy, and Earth-friendly option for firewood and other artificial firelogs. Along with the Java Log you’ve got a couple of excellent options for your winter nights around the fire this year!

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