Grilling Mushrooms: 2022 Tips and Tricks

Grilling Mushrooms - Tips and Tricks

Grilling mushrooms is a great way to serve fungi! The naturally meaty and earthy flavors of mushrooms pair beautifully with the smokey caramelization that grilling adds to them. Get ready for an umami feast when you fire up some mushrooms with your next grilled meal. Also, mushrooms make a great accompaniment to all kinds of … Read more

Grill Dome: 2022 Quick Summary

Grill Dome

The Grill Dome is one of the biggest competitors to the famous Big Green Egg. Like the BGE it is a ceramic grill in the Kamado style, meaning that it has that same oval shape which is excellent for airflow, efficiency, heat retention, and moisture retention. The BGE and this grill are probably the most … Read more

Grill Daddy BBQ Tools 2022

Grill Daddy BBQ Tools

I recently had the opportunity to try out the new high-end Grill Daddy BBQ tools and I won’t beat around the bush, these tongs and spatula have replaced my old grill tools as my go-to grilling equipment! Have you ever burnt the hairs off your knuckles while working on the grill over high heat? I … Read more