Outdoor Fire Pit Table: 2022 Quick Guide

An outdoor fire pit table, just as its name implies, is a fire pit built into a patio table. Rather than just acting as a patio table or a patio fire pit, a firepit table takes each to a new level.

Most fire pits don’t have a rim or table around them. Therefore, you can’t rest your feet close to the fire and you don’t have anywhere to rest your drink. Also, if you are cooking on your fire pit, you don’t have anywhere to rest your cooking utensils or basting sauces.

A patio firepit table solves all these problems. Because it incorporates the fire pit directly into a table you have a surface to set drinks, rest your feet or keep supplies and food.

Things to consider when buying an Outdoor Fire Pit Table:

  • Size – These vary greatly in size. Everything from small, knee-high fire pits to full size tables you can sit several people around.
  • Style – I don’t mean art deco vs. antique. What I mean is that some fire pit tables are nothing more than a portable fire pit with a large rim around it (as seen above). While this is nice for resting your feet or your beverage, for some people, this is not what they are looking for in a firepit table. Rather, others are full size patio tables with a lot of tabletop space. You can sit at them with standard chairs and even have a meal on them. So shop wisely before deciding on a fire pit. Make sure it adequately serves the purposes you intend it to.

  • Convertable table – Some fire pit tables are convertable from a full patio table, which you can use the entire surface as a table, to a fire pit table. As pictured here, they come with a top which covers the firepit, blending in with the table to create a complete patio table which can be used for anything. Simply pull off the lid and now you have a firepit table instead!
  • Cooking grill grate – Some fire pit come with or have an optional cooking grate which can be placed above your wood embers so that you can do some fire pit cooking. If you have any interest in cooking on your fire pit table make sure you check this option before buying!
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