Chop Rite Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer 2022

So I know that a Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer are not really grill accessories per se. However, if you know me, I’m very much a do-it-yourself type of guy and recently got into making my own sausages, both fresh and for drying. So, while these aren’t really grill accessories, they certainly are a prelude to the fun grill cooking of your homemade sausages. I wanted to do it the old-fashioned, traditional way so I researched meat grinders and stuffers recently and ended up with these two.

Watch the video for a brief demonstration and discussion of these great products:

In case you don’t want to watch the video, here is a brief description of what I discuss:

Chop-Rite Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer Comments:

Most of the newer motorized meat grinders and sausage makers on the market seemed cheaply built and frankly just lacked the traditional, old-time charm of the old, all-metal hand-cranked types. In the old days, a company called Enterprise, later changed to Chop Rite, made these cast iron grinders and stuffers which were so sturdy they could withstand a tank attack! Enterprise is no more (although you can find old rusty or refurbished models on eBay sometimes). However, Chop Rite Two is a newer company who apparently bought the old patents (over 100 years old!) for the main products in the original Enterprise line. They are still made in limited quantities in the US to the same specifications and with the same materials as the old vintage ones.

First I demonstrate the Chop Rite Two #10 meat grinder. I’ve done many 5 pound batches now of meat (mostly pork) and am very happy with the grinder. It grinds easily and my arm doesn’t even get tired. The grinder is made in a very solid and easy to use fashion. It comes with a medium sized die plate but I also bought smaller and larger sized die that can be easily interchanged depending on the type of sausage you are making.

I also demonstrate the Chop Rite Two #35 sausage stuffer. This is a huge beast of a device but it is beautiful and works wonderfully. All metal construction, this thing weighs 70 pounds and is quite large, so probably not the best idea for a small apartment or if you otherwise don’t have much storage space. In addition to stuffing sausage, it comes with a basket for converting it to a lard/fruit press, although I haven’t used it for those purposes yet.

In ending, I am very happy with these products and expect them to give me many years (probably a lifetime!) of great sausage making. One thing I should mention is that the production of these are not very large and I don’t know that many places keep much stock. When I ordered the meat stuffer it had to be produced to order so it took a few weeks to get. So be patient. I hope this was helpful if you are considering the purchase of a meat grinder or sausage press.

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