Lynx Grill: 2022 Quick Guide

The Lynx grill is like the Mercedes-Benz of barbecues. It is sleek, sexy, and finely tuned. It is also expensive! However, when it comes to top-of-the-line, high-performance gas and natural gas grills, the Lynx is right at the top, providing a flawless grilling experience.

What is so great about the Lynx Grill barbecues?

The pinnacle of elegance, sturdy heliarc welded construction, and rigorous testing ensures seamless, hand-polished surfaces that will last a lifetime. Their unique red brass burner radiates heat through ceramic briquettes, supplying even distribution of heat across the whole cooking surface. Additionally, the brass is sturdy and will last a very long time, longer than most commercial gas burners.

While the Lynx gas grill is expensive, they represent the very best of gas and natural gas grills. So if nothing but the best will do, Lynx is the grill for you!

Models and Features

The Lynx grill comes in one basic model in several sizes. All have great features and all are customizable with a range of accessories to make your ideal outdoor cooking station. Each can be adapted to either a propane tank or to a natural gas fuel source.

  • Sizes – The Lynx grill comes in 5 sizes, a 27″ (two burners & 470 sq. in. primary cooking surface), 30″ (two burners & 600 sq. in. primary cooking surface), 36″ (three burners & 640 sq. in. primary cooking surface), 42″ (three burners & 855 sq. in. primary cooking surface), and a 54″ (three burners plus one ProSear infrared burner & 1110 sq. in. primary cooking surface).
  • Features & Specs

    • The red brass burners each supply 25,000 BTUs of cooking power

    • All the grills feature an integrated ignition system with a 9V battery back-up (the 27″ only has the 9V ignition)

    • Control illumination with blue LEDs over each knob (except 27″)

    • Halogen grill surface light

    • Temperature gauge

    • Fluid rotation handle (to keep it cool!) – not in 27″

    • Lynx Hood Assist Kit (to make opening and closing smooth and easy)

    • Removable large-capacity smoker box

    • Stainless steel grilling grates

    • Dual-position internal rotisserie with heavy-duty, 3-speed motor and rear infrared burner (optional on 27″)

    • Cart with drawers (larger models only), storage cabinet & folding side shelves (on freestanding models)
  • Options – All the grills are available in both built-in and freestanding models so that you can incorporate your grill into your outdoor cooking area in any way that works for you. The 27″ has the option of a rotisserie or no rotisserie. The larger models (30″ and up) all have the option to replace one burner with a ProSear infrared burner.

In addition to all these great features and options, each Lynx grill is customizable with and/or accented by additional Lynx gas grill accessories to extend your grill cooking and make your outdoor cooking center or outdoor kitchen more convenient and functional. Check out the Lynx gas grill accessories page.

Lynx Gas Grill Accessories

Being the great company they are, Lynx supplies many Lynx gas grill accessories to augment or customize your Lynx grill. Whether adding another cooking surface or making your outdoor kitchen more functional and complete with storage drawers or a refrigerator, Lynx has the barbecue or grill accessory for you! The complete outdoor kitchen is within your reach if you have the money to spend!

Lynx Grill Cooking Add-Ons

  • ProSear’ Pod – All Lynx gas grill models (except the 27″) have optional or included ProSear™ infrared burners. However, if you don’t want an infrared burner to take up space on your primary grilling surface, Lynx also supplies separate side burners for infrared grilling. A large 30″ infrared Pod is available for built-in applications while a smaller one can be attached to the side of either a cart-mounted or built-in Lynx gas grill. They have great temperature control, a removable drip-pan and stainless steel cooking grates. A stainless steel cover (included) protects the unit when not in use.
  • Side Burners – Single or double side burners can be added to the side of any cart-mounted or built-in Lynx grill. These give 15,000 BTUs of heat each of range-top cooking. They even have an optional wok grate.
  • Double Side Burner – Prep Center: For built-in applications, this double burner also incorporates a maple cutting board and extra deep utility drawer for utensils. Also accommodates a griddle plate accessory.
  • Griddle Plate – Sits on the grill surface and allows you to cook pancakes, bacon, hash browns, omelettes and other great foods right on your Lynx gas grill.
  • Warming Drawer – For built-in systems, this 30″ warming drawer can go from 90 to 220 degrees to keep your food warm or hot prior to serving. No more running into the house for foil or to warm things in the oven!

Other Outdoor Kitchen Accessories

  • Outdoor Refrigerator – What is a kitchen without a refrigerator? Store cold drinks or your food supplies.
  • Cocktail Pro – Available both as a free-standing cart or a built-in model, this deluxe bar includes a faucet with water filtration system, an ice-bin, cutting board, bottle opener, bottle holders and chillers, and upper serving shelves. Everything you need for great outdoor entertaining!
  • Outdoor Ice Machine – 27 lbs. of ice storage and makes up to 55 lbs. of ice in 24 hours.
  • Utility Drawers – For built-in models, fully enclosed drawers give added storage for utensils, foods, condiments, and other accessories.
  • Convenience Center – An all-in-one unit that includes the warming drawer above as well as a propane tank compartment/storage cabinet with sliding tray and a utility drawer for large grill tools and accessories.
  • Access Doors – Create as much storage space as you need in your outdoor kitchen island.
  • Trash Center – A concealed trash bin with an optional trash chute with a cutting board and stainless steel cover makes disposal of your garbage easy.
  • Towel Dispenser – Grilling can get messy.
  • Sliding Tank Tray – For easy access to your propane tank, if you use a liquid propane with your Lynx gas grill.
  • Custom Covers – All Lynx gas grills have custom made grill covers available to protect your outdoor kitchen when not in use.

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