Java Fire Logs: 2022 Review

I saw the Java Fire Logs® at Whole Foods market a while ago and it caught my eye. Now, normally the Flame Gorilla© wouldn’t be caught dead firing up an artificial log (like Duraflame ®) in his fireplace or fire pit. However, the uniqueness of this product caught my attention and I wanted to know a bit more so I bought a few. What is so unique about it? It is made of recycled coffee grounds! The logo says “The Coffee Firelog…Save the Planet”. Here is what I think about the Java Log…

What are Java Fire Logs?

It is a firelog that is made of recycled, compressed coffee grounds. It is bound by a renewable, natural vegetable wax and contains no petroleum, kerosene, or other chemical products. Even the packaging is 100% recycled.

What are the advantages of these fire logs?

  • First of all, coffee beans has about 25% more energy than wood, giving off a brighter flame per volume of fuel.
  • The coffee grounds are bound by a natural, renewable vegetable wax, so there is no chemical smell that can be associated with some other firelog types which have chemical binders.
  • This firelog is environmentally friendly! It produces less emissions than firewood, including 8 times less creosote and 5 times less particulate matter and carbon monoxide. It both saves trees (although many types of firewood are farmed in a sustainable way) and diverts millions of pounds of coffee waste from landfills every year.
  • It has a subtle crackle sound like real firewood.
  • It is easy to light. You simply light the wrapper in two places and it burns beautifully.
  • It burns a long time, about 2 to 3 hours, similar to other firelogs.

Does it smell like coffee?

No, I didn’t notice that the log produced any odor whatsoever. Even the next day I could not detect any aroma in the room where my fireplace is.

So what is my conclusion about the Java Fire Logs?

I personally love it! You may be surprised but I think this is an excellent alternative to real firewood for your fireplace. While I will always prefer a real firewood fire in my fireplace or fire pit, sometimes you want a quick starting fire that you don’t have to worry about. While I have always been turned off by other firelogs because of the chemicals involved, this firelog is actually good for the environment and is 100% natural. For a quickfire alternative, assuming you don’t have a natural gas fireplace, I know of no better product.

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