Indoor Grill and Sandwich Maker: 2022 Quick Guide

An Indoor Grill and Sandwich maker is a fun type of indoor electric grill. You know, you’ve seen them, they are those Pac-Man looking contraptions that sit on the countertop and allow you to grill panini sandwiches and other toasty treats. There’s even one brand named after a famous boxer with 5 boys named George.

An indoor grill and sandwich maker is great for making easy, quick grilled food without a mess. They are electric so you just need to plug them in and turn them on. Many are even dishwasher safe! One of the advantages of an indoor grill and sandwich maker are that you can cook grilled foods from both sides (since it closes down, pressing the food and heating both sides simultaneously). This allows even cooking and faster cooking; no need to flip those burgers or steaks halfway through cooking! Most indoor electric grills also have channels so that the fat that comes out of your grilling food doesn’t sit on your food but rather slides down into a collection area. This helps keep the fat out of your food and prevents foods from getting soggy. This is especially important when making toasty, crispy sandwiches like a grilled panini or gooey grilled cheese sandwich.

So what can you cook on an indoor grill sandwich maker? Almost anything you can make on an outdoor grill, and then some! Large roasted type dishes like roasted whole chicken, turkey or racks of ribs are probably both too big and take too long to cook on these, but otherwise, all those grill recipes you love can be grilled right in the comfort of your own kitchen. These are great for quick, easy grilled burgers, steaks, pork chops, vegetables, chicken breasts and much more! But maybe even best about these grills is that you can make delicious toasty, melty sandwiches. You can grill panini sandwiches, a French Croque Monsieur, a Reuben or any number of other grilled sandwich recipes.

So are you convinced?

Here are some thoughts on what to look for when buying an indoor grill and sandwich maker…

  • Adjustable heat control – Some electric grills have an adjustable heat control and others do not! So be sure to check this feature when buying a grill. Adjustable heat is important because your grill will be much more versatile if you can change the heat setting. You can adjust the heat so that you can cook different thicknesses of meat without burning the outside. Also, a big fat grilled sandwich may take a while to get the center warm and gooey, so you want to be able to adjust the head down so the bread doesn’t burn!
  • Size – Indoor grill and sandwich makers vary in size quite a bit. While a smaller one may be suitable for a single person just planning to grill sandwiches, you may want a larger model if you are planning to make multiple steaks or burgers for your family or friends.
  • Lid type – The lid of an indoor grill and sandwich maker can vary from a simple linear hinge to a large contraption capable of lifting the top lid up quite far from the lower one. A simple hinge is okay for smaller grilled foods, but will not accommodate anything large (like a fat steak or stuffed sandwich). Only the edge near the hinge will contact the food and your food will grill unevenly. Check out the lid type to make sure it will accommodate the types of foods you want to grill.
  • Dishwasher safe – Most indoor electric grills are dishwasher safe. But be sure to check this before buying. It makes it a lot easier and more convenient if you can just throw it in the dishwasher!
  • Bun warmer – No, I’m not talking about keeping your backside warm. Some sandwich makers even come with a separate heating area built in that warms hot dog or hamburger buns while you cook your meat. This is convenient and saves you a cooking step if you plan to make a lot of wieners and burgers.

An indoor grill and sandwich maker can vary in price from around $20 up to close to $200. So shop around and make sure you find one that has all the options you’ll need and that will last you a long time to enjoy all those toasty grilled treats!

Well, that’s all there is to it! Good luck with your indoor electric grill!

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