How to Smoke Cheese on a Pellet Grill (4 Easy Steps)

One of the easiest ways to make a delicious and tasty grilled cheese is through smoking it on a pellet grill.  Having a knowledge on how to smoke your cheese on a pellet grill can be a part of your saving money routine. This will help you avoid from spending extra money on overpriced ones at the grocery stores not to mention that you can have it anytime you crave smoke cheese. You can just make it in the comfort of your own home so be sure to finish reading this article.

This article will teach you the proper ways on how to smoke cheese on a pellet grill. We will be giving you some step by step guide, tips, tricks and also some things that you need to remember so you can enjoy your smoked cheese. You can partner it with whatever food you want but of course you can also enjoy it just by itself.  Now let’s get started!

Step-By Step Guide: How to Smoke Cheese on Pellet Grill

In smoking cheese on a pellet grill, you will be needing these few ingredients:

  • Pieces of cheese (you cab have cheese of your preference)
  • Pellets (from whatever brand of pellet you prefer)
  • Wood chip box
  • Grill
  • Grill gloves (you will be using this while opening and closing the smoker door)

After having all the required ingredients, you can start smoking now, just follow all the below-mentioned steps on How to Smoke Cheese on a Pellet Grill:

Cleaning and Pre-heating the Pellet Grill

1. Cleaning and Pre-heating

To avoid any contamination, be sure to clean your grill thoroughly then you can turn it on after cleaning it. Put the wood pellets into the smoke tube (smoker box is an option too). You can choose whatever wood pellets you prefer but we suggest maple wood pellets because they give delicious taste and aroma for your smoke cheese. We also suggest to use hickory or oak pellets as well. Set your grill at low temperature and then place the smoke tube inside.

After placing in the wood pellets, you have to set the temperature to around 225 degrees Fahrenheit. To get the temperature even inside the pellet grill be sure to close the lid. Make sure that you can catch all the juices or liquid while smoking your cheese by covering it with a lid that is made out of foil. Do not forget to check it regularly to avoid any burnt cheese. 

Remember: Cheese fats will melt at about 90 degrees Fahrenheit so you won’t need too much heat.

Put your Cheese into the Pellet Grill

2. Put your Cheese into the Pellet Grill

Open the smoker of your grill and then place the cheese on a small tray. After placing your cheese, you can close the lid of your smoker.  You have to wait for an hour or so before opening the lid of your smoker, be sure that you are wearing your gloves in doing so to avoid burning yourself.

Remember: You have to put your cheese in a small mesh so that your cheese won’t fall through grill grates.

Flip the Side of your Cheese

3. Flip the Side of your Cheese

After an hour of smoking at very low temperature, open the lid and then flip the side of the cheese down. You have to make sure that all of the wood chips are still in the smoker. This is because you will face problems if the wood chips fell out from the smoker while smoking.

If you wish to have more smoke, you can do that by adding pellets into your chip box. After adding pellets do not forget to put the cover back on the top of it.  Now, you can go back to the waiting game, you have to wait for about half to an hour.

Remember: Flipping your own cheese is in accordance of your preferred taste of your cheese and the type of cheese you have. 

Open the Lid of the Pellet Grill

4. Open the Lid

After the waiting game, this time you need to open the lid to check the status of your cheese. See whether the cheese is fully ready or not. If your cheese needs more smoke, you can add more pellets. While smoking, regularly check your cheese, do this every after an hour. You need to check the smoking from time to time in order to avoid burnt cheese.

If you follow all the steps and reminders mentioned above rest assured that you can enjoy a perfectly cooked cheese. But if you follow all the steps and still you did not attain your desired result then just keep practicing until you achieve the tastiest smoked cheese that you ever wanted to have.  You can do it!

Remember: Constant or regular checking of your cheese is a must to avoid burning your cheese but follow the time interval mentioned.

How Long Does It Take to Smoke Cheese in a Smoker?

Before doing the smoking cheese session, you might be asking how long does it takes to smoke a cheese on pellet grill. Well to answer this query, the amount of time you leave your cheese to smoke depends on your preferred taste of your cheese. If you want just enough smoky cheese flavor, you have to leave your cheese on smoke for good two hours in a very low heat. However, if you prefer subtler flavor do the smoking for just half to one hour, also in a very low heat.

Another thing to consider on how long to smoke cheese is the type or kind of cheese you are using. There are kind of cheeses that are soft and so you won’t need much time to smoke them as they absorb flavor faster. There are also cheeses that are semi-hard, these types are needed to smoke longer to achieve desired taste.

The sizes of how you cut your cheese also affects the time you smoke it. If you have smaller blocks or wedges of cheese, then it won’t need as much time to smoke as larger pieces

Note: Trying different combinations of smoke times and sizes for variety of cheeses is a great way to practice to achieve a perfect and delicious taste of cheese.

How Long Should I Cold Smoke Cheese?

When you are smoking your cheese on your pellet grill, be sure that you will flip the cheese every after 30 minutes. This is to provide both sides of an even exposure. It is suggested to give the cheese two hours of smoking process. Keep in mind that you really have to be certain that your cheese is receiving a maintain and constant light smoke all throughout. Another the thing that you really need remember, you have to ensure that you will add wood chips or pellets on your smoking tool or device at some constant time intervals just to make sure that the steady flow of smoke is really maintained.

What Are The Best Cheese For Smoking?

No one can’t deny the fact that the smoked cheeses taste the best especially if we do it ourselves. However, there cheeses that are not great for smoking at home. You have to choose the high temperature cheese which can hold up at a high temperature without melting.

Pepper jack, mozzarella and gouda cheeses are robust type. These kind of cheeses are the best cheeses to smoke. Adding to the list is cheddar cheese which also best for smoking. Keep in mind that the cheeses you wish to smoke has to be firm because softer cheeses will easily crumble and gives acrid taste and I am pretty sure you won’t like that kind of taste!

Cold smokers that is homemade can be little unpredictable so you have to be cautious at all times. Solid cheeses will hold onto the exact amount of smokiness, which provide a perfect and flavorful taste.

Remember that you cannot use shredded cheese because it will easily melt in the smoker.  You also have to avoid using huge blocks of cheese because it will hinder the smoky flavor. If you prefer a mild or not so strong smoky flavor, you have to cut the block of cheese bigger instead of cutting your cheese into 2 to 4 inch blocks.


Most if not all of us enjoys the taste of smoky cheese but preparing it by yourself it not as hard as it may seem if you would just follow all the steps, tips and tricks mentioned above. By the moment you remember the whole process of smoking your preferred cheese, the tips and all the reminders will help improve the results. Bear in mind the you won’t be needing high temperature or too much heat to achieve the desirable smoky cheese.  You just have to be sure that you have adequate smoke to induce it in the cheese and add a wonderful color.

Pellet grills provide smoke that can add authentic taste to your cheese. We advise you to get and choose the best wood pellets for smoking. Now call your family and friends to go grab and smoke your favorite cheese! Enjoy and have fun!

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