How to Make Fire Pit Wind Guard in 4 Easy Steps

Worried that your fire pit flame might be blown by the wind and cause damage? Learn how to make fire pit wind guard in 4 easy steps through this article.

Nothing but the sparkle of playful flames from a fire pit can bring a lovely gathering and a joyous mood to your backyard. A strong wind, though, is the only thing that might prevent you from having a truly spectacular backyard fire. For your fire pit to function properly and to look good, the flame guard must be the right size. Fortunately, creating a unique flame guard is a really simple Do-It-Yourself task that anyone can attempt. For this reason, you should think about blocking the wind to stop stray sparks from posing a fire risk.

This issue can be resolved by a flame guard, which stops the majority of direct wind from your flames. This stylish addition increases the effectiveness of your fire feature, producing a clear, constant flame regardless of the weather. It also aids in preventing the accumulation of black soot on your fire glass and around the edges of the burner. Last but not least, a wind guard prevents the lip of your burner pan from bending when it gets too hot.

4 Simple and Easy Steps on How to Make Fire Pit Wind Guard

In order for your fire pit to operate properly and to have a beautiful appearance, the flame guard must be the right size. The good news is that anyone can make a personalized flame guard because it’s a really simple DIY project. To finally have one, here are the steps you should follow:

The size of your glass flame guard should be determined

STEP 1: The size of your glass flame guard should be determined

On all sides, the flame guard should be placed about 2 to 3 inches away from the burner. The flame won’t come into contact with the glass barrier thanks to this. Making sure the size is appropriate for your burner is another important consideration. The inside of your burner pan should be measured, then 5 ½ should be added. Your starting point when figuring out the ultimate size should be this since it will be the perfect size for the wind guard. The flame guard will have room to sit about 2 ¾ “on either side of the burner thanks to this.

You can select a somewhat smaller size if you’d like. To choose the right size for your fire pit, use your best judgment. After all, the flame guard ought to appear to have been made specifically to accommodate your fire feature. So feel free to adjust the size so that everything appears to be balanced.

The dimensions and thickness of your glass panels should be determined

STEP 2: The dimensions and thickness of your glass panels should be determined

The size of the glass panels you require may be determined now that you know the dimensions of the flame guard you want to construct. For flame guards, 6 inches is the most typical height. This is an excellent height because it offers protection without being too high to prevent you from enjoying the fire completely. We advise you to create a taller wind barrier, at least 8 inches, for particularly windy areas like the seaside or higher altitudes. The additional security you require ought to be offered by this.

You should start by determining the length of the flame guard before calculating the length of the glass panels. To get the length of the glass panels, deduct 1 inch from that measurement. The corner connectors add ½ inch to each end, resulting in the assembled flame guard being 1 inches longer than the glass panels, thus you must deduct an inch for this reason. The length and width of your wind guard should be measured in this manner.

The thickness of the glass should be chosen now that you are aware of the size of the glass panels you need to order. We advise using 3/16 thick tempered glass. You can, however, increase the thickness to ¼ if you so like.

Place an order for your hardware and glass panels

STEP 3: Place an order for your hardware and glass panels

Order the four glass panels by contacting your neighborhood glass shop. Inform them of the desired size and thickness. Inform them that standard tempered glass with polished edges should be used. High-temperature ceramic glass, which is quite expensive, is not required. An outdoor fire pit can safely use standard tempered glass up to a temperature of about 470°, which is more than enough.

Put together your flame guard

STEP 4: Put together your flame guard

It’s time to put your flame guard together now that you have the glass panels and hardware! How to put it all together is as follows:

  1. Start by selecting a stable, flat surface for your work space and making sure it’s clutter-free.
  2. Connect the top and bottom brackets to the panel’s ends beginning with the first panel. The top and bottom of the glass should be flush with the brackets. Make sure the screw points in the brackets have a plastic tip so that the metal tip won’t come in contact with the glass and damage it. Apply the same technique to the panel that will be placed across from the first.
  3. Attach the end glass panels to your flat surface with the feet facing up. Aligning the glass panels will be much simpler if the feet are pointing up. Once all of your panels are attached, go back and make sure that every screw is securely fastened, use a long screwdriver. Because it provides your knuckles room to turn, it is simpler to hold. You ought to should be able to handle your wind guard without the panels moving in the bracket if the screws are secured sufficiently.
  4. Gently position your new flame guard around your burner. And give yourself a high five. Well done! Now that you have a lovely, contained fire, you can relax with your family and guests while feeling more at ease.

How to Choose a Flame Guard

Not all flame guards are created equal, just like any other item you might purchase today. The following should be considered as you weigh your options.


Any flame guard you buy should be made to last the entire life of your fire pit. High-grade, shatterproof tempered glass and durable, rust-proof aluminum hardware that won’t corrode in outdoor conditions will be used to build the ideal product.

Customer service

This is yet another crucial issue, particularly when it comes to installing and supporting your flame guard’s guarantee. Companies should support the goods they sell and be reachable by customers. Even though there isn’t much that can go wrong with flame guards, it’s handy to be able to contact the manufacturer in case one of the clamps is missing, if you need assistance with assembly, or if you need any other kind of support.

Advantages of a Flame Guard

Enables a flame to burn more steadily

A slight breeze is all it takes to wreck havoc and snuff out your fire pit’s flame. To assist ensure a powerful and consistent blaze that lights up your patio, a flame guard, also known as a wind guard, inhibits interfering drafts. You can be sure that no matter how windy it is, your fire pit will look magnificent if you have a flame guard installed.

Saves money by conserving fuel

Why? In order to offset the impact of the wind, unprotected flames must burn more vigorously (and hence consume more gas or propane). You can keep a lower flame height and use less gas while still assuring a steady burn, though, if a flame guard is in place to protect the fire from gusts.

Creates a cleaner burn

A flame shield around your burner can guarantee cleaner gas combustion, especially if you use propane. The flame constantly moving around on a windy day prevents the gas from being used effectively. On the top of your fire glass and on the borders of the burner pan, this uneven burn may create a sooty residue. In order for the gas to be completely consumed, the flame guard shields the flame from the breeze.

Adds an additional layer of security

Actually, a wind guard also serves as a safety element. It offers a strong barrier between bystanders and the flames, assisting in preventing accidental flame burns for you and your family. Additionally, it acts as a deterrent for smaller kids who can be enticed by the lovely glow of the fire and the glint of the fire glass. A fire guard also makes it less likely that something may inadvertently blow into your fire pit and catch fire.

Adds style to your fire pit table

Glass wind guards have many advantages beyond their practical use. They are a quick and affordable solution to update and modernize your fire feature. Additionally, you and your visitors will adore how the fire sparkles off the glass.


A flame guard should be used with caution because of the danger of burning because of its close closeness to the flames. When it is on fire or as it is cooling down after being put out, do not touch it. Instruct any children who may be visiting as well as members of your own family to avoid touching the glass with special caution.

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