How to Build a Parrilla Grill

A reader submitted the plans he designed and used to build a Parrilla grill in his Panama home. This is a truly beautiful grill, in the classic parrilla style but with the capability to do rotisserie cooking as well as smoking/slow-cooking/barbecuing.

The grill is essentially a raised, open-front fireplace with an adjustable grill in it. This allows you to start a fire with just about any type of fuel and adjust the grill over the heat to the optimal height for the cooking temperature you desire. While it is natural for direct heat grilling, with a lid and/or rotisserie attachment you can smoke and barbecue larger roasts as well.

Below are the original design drawings Ken used to plan his grill. I hope they can be helpful to others planning a built-in, permanent grill in their home. Ken also submitted a favorite barbeque turkey recipe which can be cooked on any type of grill.

Parrilla Grill Design by Ken Barger:

build a grill 235x300 1
build a grill 2 181x300 1
build a grill 3 218x300 1

build a grill 4 203x300 1
build a grill 5 283x300 1
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