How Does a Smokeless Fire Pit Work? (2022 Quick Guide)

It’s quite fascinating that a Smokeless Fire Pit exists, but How does a Smokeless Fire Pit work?

Most Smokeless fire pit has its own Airflow technology that allows for more oxygen to feed the fire and a Double Wall construction allowing fresh air to enter cavity at the bottom, air super heats as it rises. Hot air then exits the cavity, feeding super-heated oxygen to the flames. Next would be the Reburn, this pressurized, heated oxygen mixes with the smoke. This reburn is what causes your fire to burn smokeless, giving you a premium experience.

Do smokeless fire pits really work?

Yes, smokeless fire pits works!

Contrary to its name, it is a bit exaggerating to assume that smokeless fire pits is 100% smokeless; “smokeless†actually means this fire pits gives “less smoke†or reduce the amount  of smoke – saving your  eyes from stinging-smoke, your clothes from the burnt odor that would stick and the environment as well.

 Smokeless fireplaces work by trapping smoke from burning wood in a double-walled structure. Then rekindle it to reduce the smoke leaking into the air.

So if you want to enjoy the campfire experience without having to worry about that smoke that stings to your  eyes, even on your clothes and hair, you might want to check out these smokeless fire pit that are in store for you.

How does a smokeless fire pit works?

Smokeless fire pit is based on the idea of a “fire triangleâ€.  A fire triangle is the model used to represent the three key elements to create a chemical reaction of fire; proper oxygen, sufficient heat, and high quality fuel are the main ingredients in creating a fire , and with sufficient supply of each, the fire generate enough heat for it to be smokeless.

In starting up a fire, it is best when you use dry fuel (wood). In the first 5 – 20 minutes of combustion it usually emits smoke as the fire is still starting, but after certain amount of time, when the combustibles are already converted into thermal energy by secondary combustion the smoke wouldn’t be visible.

This fire pits has a unique airflow system, to keep the fire going, it is designed to have air vents/ air holes are at the bottom of it. This ensures that the fire has sufficient amount of oxygen that is needed in the primary combustion.

At the same time, air flows between the fire bowl insert and the outer rim, creating an updraft. The air gets hotter as it rises from the bottom of the fire pit. Warm air (oxygen) enters the top of the fireplace through small holes, this air mixes with smoke causing the re-burn; re-burning then eliminates the smoke.

Is getting a smokeless fire pit worth it?

While smokeless fire pits carries both the pros and cons, purchasing one still depends on your convenience and purpose of use.

If you are someone who likes more controlled and efficient fire, and is fond of going to camping’s, owning smokeless fire pit is a good idea.  Thus if you’re just going to use smokeless fire pit on your backyard on occasionally and without the worry of having to deal with the smoke it gives off, you might have to think twice and consider the traditional fire pit with minimal smoke.

Smokeless fire pit has many advantages and disadvantages, including:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Smokeless Fire Pit

  • It produces significantly less smoke than the traditional fire pit.
  • Wind is not an issue in building the fire, as the pit is built to be closed but allows strong ventilation enough to make it relatively easy to get the flames dancing.
  • Woods last longer; this smokeless fire pits burns the wood cleanly and thoroughly.
  • You can cook over it. Smokeless fire pits comes in different sizes, some of it can exactly accommodate the size of your pan and for those that are large enough and accessories are also available so it can be utilized in coking.
  • It’s portable.
  • Smokeless fire pits are significantly more expensive than the traditional fire pit.
  • Produces less radiant heat on the sides.
  • You might purchase additional accessories.
  • Building a fire higher than the rim may cause it to produce smoke.

Why does my smokeless fire pit still produce smoke?

Though it was said on the first statements that smokeless fire pits doesn’t entirely mean it doesn’t produce smoke, there are still instances that the fire pit emits smoke more than it should.

Smoke is a collection of tiny solid, liquid and gas particles.

The smoke seen from the fireplace is due to incomplete combustion and is mainly composed of carbon (soot), tar, oil and ash. It transpires every time the fuel (which is one of the elements in the fire triangle) did not completely burn.

 The reason for excessive smoke in the fire pit is as follows:

  • There isn’t enough room for oxygen to flow through to fully burn the fuel present.
  • The fuel (firewood) used is not sufficiently dry or consist large amount of moisture.

To avoid unwanted smokes on your smokeless fire pits we’ve come up to five list of tips you must consider in staring up fire.

5 Tips for Guaranteeing Smokeless Fires

  1. Throw away debris buildup.
    Before starting up fire in your smokeless fire pit, make sure to throw away the ash in the tray that was accumulated from your recent burns. Though it’s not necessary to throw away the debris each and every burn, this technique will allow the air to flow freely giving your fire sufficient amount of oxygen that is enough to produce smokeless fire.

    In throwing the ash, make sure you have a place you use to dump such waste for it can be messy. If for instance you don’t have the space to throw the ash, you can throw it in an outdoor trash bag. (Though you must know that these end waste has a lot of usage on your home you might want to try. Check out this blog to learn more.)
  2. Start small
    In the initial stage of building the fire, use lighter, fire starter(s) and some dry twigs. Softwoods such as pine, juniper, balsam, spruce and other wood that has high pitch (sap) content are believed to light quicker, and burn very hot in a short period of time which makes them a good fire starters.

    Before setting up the hardwood on your smokeless fire pit, make sure that you have already build up your initial fire.
  3. Use Dry Firewood
    As discussed above, firewood that contains much moisture is not good when you’re trying keep the smoke down.

    Using seasoned-well dried firewood is one of the key components in setting up a smokeless fire. Dry firewood ensures that your fire will start easily and burns beautifully.

    It is recommended to use hardwood in the secondary combustion; also you must know that there are hardwood that are considered low-smoking woods such as, oak, ash, hickory and maple is a good practice when you aim to have smokeless fire.
  4. Enough wood pile
    In placing wood on your smokeless fire pit, be sure to stack it below the fire ring. Setting the wood just below the secondary air holes allows the oxygen to travel to all parts of the wood creating better combustion.
  5. Take time to build your fire
    Building a fire that starts quickly and burns long depends on the way you stack your firewood in the fire pit. This directly affects how quickly the main fuel source ignites and begins to burn very efficiently.

    Good airflow between logs is the main difference between a fire that ignites quickly and a fire that smolders and smokes.

    In stacking up the pile, there are two methods you can use; the log-cabin which is a stable configuration and is less likely to collapse, and tipi stack which is relatively stable and allows strong airflow in the firewood stack. (You can check this link to know how to do it.) 


It is amazing to know that smokeless fire pit do really works, though as discussed above smokeless doesn’t really mean the word for it is impossible in the concept creating a fire.

Friends and families who are fond of getting together in a campfire circle once in a while should reconsider purchasing smokeless fire pits, because let’s accept it; traditional fire pits which gives you a lot of smoke slap when the wind blows in directions is not fun at all! Plus the fact that you will smell like an old burn wood after such activity makes you want to cancel out and just stay at home. 

Smokeless fire pits are now getting much popularity for it has the advantages that answer all our complaints to the traditional fire pit most specially the amount of smoke it emits, and its portability.

As of today, there is an increasing amount of choices available in the market which you can check in your nearest home depot store. Purchasing one still depends on your families need and preferences when it comes to size and price.

Now if you’re still contemplating, just remember that smokeless fire pits works!

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