Grilled Oysters : How to Grill Oysters

Grilled oysters are so easy and so delicious! Why grill oysters? Maybe you are not quite sure about eating those things live and raw or maybe you haven’t perfected your oyster shucking skills yet. Or maybe you just like the rich, smokey flavor of oysters steamed in their own shell.

Whatever reason you have, try it out, it is really easy!

grilled oysters

Grilled Oysters: How to Grill Oysters?

There is really nothing to it. Simply get a grill nice and hot. Throw the fresh oysters right on the grill in their shells. Wait a few minutes but keep an eye on them. In a few minutes they will pop open slightly (you can usually hear it as the “pop”). Once they are all open, simply remove them to a serving plate with tongs.

When cool enough, pull the shells open and enjoy! Its really that easy! The natural saltiness of the brine in the oysters is all the seasoning you need. Pop them in your mouth and enjoy.

Of note, you can also do this with muscles, clams and cockles!

If you prefer a more complex presentation, after removing one half of the shell you can stuff the oysters. A stuffing of bread crumbs, butter, chopped parsley, pepper and garlic is a nice one, but you can experiment. Simply pack the stuffing into the bottom shell with the oyster and place under a broiler briefly to warm up and brown slightly.

Enjoy Your Barbecued Oysters!!

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