Grill Dome: 2022 Quick Summary

The Grill Dome is one of the biggest competitors to the famous Big Green Egg. Like the BGE it is a ceramic grill in the Kamado style, meaning that it has that same oval shape which is excellent for airflow, efficiency, heat retention, and moisture retention. The BGE and this grill are probably the most well know of this style and both have their proponents. In fact, each has its own legion of devoted followers and users. A BGE user can argue for days why it is a better grill and the Grill Dome users would do the same. In most cases, they have never actually used the other to directly compare. Of course, they will have a preference for whichever one they own and have the most experience with.

To cut to the chase, both are outstanding ceramic grills. Both are roughly around the same price, which ain’t cheap but worth it if you love grilling and smoking as much as I do. It is kinda splitting hairs to say that one is superior to the other. However, they do have some differences and therefore they both have strengths and weaknesses. But, although I’ve used a BGE more, I have to say that I don’t believe there is one clear winner. Whereas one might have subtle advantages over the other, the other has other advantages too.

To give you an idea of some of the differences, at least on paper, here is a list of some differences that set the Grill Dome out from its competitors such as the Big Green Egg. How much any of these points actually make a noticeable difference in actual performance is up for you to decide:

  1. It is thicker ceramic than most competitors. Does this mean it has noticeably better heat and moisture retention? In theory, but in practice, it’s hard to say.
  2. All hardware is stainless steel, standard.
  3. They claim that their glazing or paint is a superior technique to others and avoids crazing.
  4. They come pre-assembled and ready to cook. No awkward balancing of the hinge assembly is required.
  5. They also say that their ceramic is a superior, technologically advanced material that they call TERAPEX, which in theory is more insulating than others.

Again, it is hard to quantify how much any of these features actually impact your cooking pleasure, but they are things to consider when buying a ceramic grill. And again, the best ceramic grills from different manufacturers generally have more in common than different.

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