Gas Fire Pit: 2022 Quick Guide

Why a gas fire pit? Sitting outside on a nice summer evening by an outdoor fire pit is relaxing and romantic. But it requires firewood, time to set up and get your fire going and clean up afterward. If you aren’t the type that thinks that all that is part of the fun, then a gas firepit takes the hassle out of your outdoor relaxation. You can buy a propane fire pit which runs off a liquid propane tank or a natural gas firepit which runs off your natural gas line. Most pits can be converted between the two.

Advantages of a Gas Firepit

  • Hassle-Free – A gas fire pit, whether permanent or portable, propane or natural gas, is easy and fast! If you don’t like keeping stocked up on firewood, if you despise going through reams of newspaper or other kindling to get your fire started, if you hate cleaning up ash after a night around the fire, well then a gas fire pit is for you! Just like lighting a gas grill, a gas firepit only takes seconds to light, does not require firewood and leaves no messy ash.
  • Warmth and Ambiance – You get the warm fire and the great ambiance of an outdoor fire pit, without the hassle. If the heat and the setting are what is most important to you, then a gas firepit is ideal for you.

Disadvantages of a Gas Fire Pit

  • You Can’t Cook on Most Gas Fire Pits – If on the other hand you like to cook over a real wood fire and wood embers, a gas fire won’t work for you. Most gas pits are not for cooking. This is one less option these fire pits have compared with the versatile fire pit grill.
  • No Wood Smoke Aroma and Crackling and Popping – Part of the ambiance of an outdoor fire pit is the wood smoke aroma and the sound of a wood fire. For some, this is absolutely required for an outdoor firepit. However, if these parts of a fire aren’t as important to you as the heat, then a gas pit is definitely for you.

So if the disadvantages don’t bother you, if you just want an easy source of heat and ambiance to enjoy this summer, pick up a gas firepit and have a great time!

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