Fireplace Grill Cooking Made Easy

A fireplace grill is a grill specifically designed to allow you to cook delicious grilled foods (Fireplace Grill cooking) on the wood fire and embers of your fireplace. Hearth cooking is a way to bring the joy and flavors of cooking with fire indoors.

Fireplace cooking is ideal for the cold winter months when most of us won’t brave the frozen weather to grill outside. Just because the weather outside is frightful doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy wood fire grilled food.

There are several types of grills built for the fireplace but the basic design is a frame that holds a grill grate over your firewood fire. This allows you to either cook directly on flames or wait for your fire to die down and cook over the hot embers.

Grills and other fireplace cooking equipment are not that common to come by. While this was a popular way to cook in the days before ovens and stoves, most people today don’t even realize cooking in the fireplace is an option! One of the best sources for grills and other fireplace cooking accessories that I know of is

What are the advantages of Fireplace Grill Cooking?

  • Real wood fire cooking – I love food cooked over a real wood fire. The flavors and aromas are the best you can get in grilled food. You have so many options for types of firewoods which each have slightly different flavor characteristics.
  • Grilled food even in the winter – Sure, grilling outdoors is great too. But if its cold out (or raining or snowing!) you don’t have to wait till the next summer to enjoy real grilled food. This is a perfect winter pastime, sitting around the toasty fire in the comfort of your own home, drinking a bottle of hearty red wine and enjoying scrumptious grilled food cooked right in your fireplace.
  • Its fun! – I’ve said it before, cooking with fire is fun! And cooking in your fireplace is exciting, adventurous and romantic! Impress your friends, impress your family and impress that special someone with a home cooked meal right in your fireplace!

Ok, so where can you find a fireplace type grill? They aren’t easy to find! But three models are available from! The SpitJack Fireplace Grill (pictured above and below left) is the ultimate in design and functionality. It has a height adjustable grill for better heat control, a removable grill and drip pan for easy clean up. The Hearth Grill (pictured below center) also has three positions and a old-fashioned rustic look. The Cast Iron Tuscan Grill (pictured below right) is an inexpensive alternative with a single fixed position.

All these great fireplace grills, as well as other fire pit and fireplace cooking accessories, are available through which I strongly recommend them for all your “cooking with fire” needs!

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