Fatwood Kindling – Nature’s Fire Starter!

So what is fatwood anyway (fatwood kindling)?


It is a completely naturally-occurring fire starter that mother nature has supplied for us! It comes from pine stumps that are left from pine trees after logging. Most producers obtain it in a sustainably managed and harvested way without killing live trees or endangered species. It is cut into ~8″ long pieces which are perfect for fatwood kindling. I have to say, this is my new favorite fire starter! It’s the best thing I’ve come across for quickly starting a great blaze!

So what is so special about fatwood fire starters?

  • Naturally-occurring: Fatwood is super high in naturally-occurring resins. These resins act like lamp oil, igniting easily and sustaining a bright, hot fire for a prolonged period of time. This means that in no time, you’ve got an intense fire that will help ignite your firewood.
  • No more mess! No more messy kindling or wadding up huge amounts of newspapers to get your fire started. All you need is two or three small sticks of this stuff!
  • No more chemicals! Fatwood kindling is 100% natural without any added chemicals. Their natural resins burn bright and quickly. So you don’t have to use kerosene-containing fire starters or logs and no more messy lighter fluid or fire starter gels. This is especially handy if you are using it to start fires for cooking such as a fire pit, a wood oven or for cooking in your fireplace. Wouldn’t you hate to get nasty chemicals in your family’s food! Yuck!

How to use fatwood fire starters:

fatwoodfire2 1
  1. Light two or three sticks with a match or lighter. It takes a minute or two to really catch so I recommend using large matches or a zippo lighter. All you need to do is get the ends going and the rest will catch with a few minutes time.
  2. Set up a stack of wood as you would otherwise to start a fire. Place the burning kindling sticks at the bottom as you would for other kindling wood or newspaper. Stack wood loosely above the fire to allow oxygenation.
  3. The kindling will soon reach an intense blaze. This usually takes a few minutes to really get started. However, once it does, a couple of sticks will burn for around 20 minutes, plenty of time to get your seasoned hardwood firewood lit nicely!
  4. Presto! You’ve got a toasty fire going in no time!

For other tips on starting firewood, see our how to start a fire in a fireplace and proper firewood stacking page!

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