Duraflame Firelog: 2022 Review

The Duraflame firelog and other brands of artificial firelogs are an alternative to using real firewood in your fireplace or fire pit. Starting a real firewood fire can be time-consuming and even expensive if you don’t have a cheap source for firewood. These fire logs light easily and lasts a long time, giving you a nice firelight to relax by.

Advantages of Duraflame firelogs

These are relatively cheap and are very easy to light. You simply light the package with a match and in minutes you have a blaze going. Some even have crackling firewood-like sounds. It provides a steady fire for at least 2 to 3 hours.

Disadvantages of Duraflame firelogs

  • Well, first of all, these are artificial so they do not quite have the ambiance of a true firewood fire.
  • Additionally, they are mostly made of sawdust and other materials held together by a chemical binder and fuel. This means that these contain petroleum-based chemicals like kerosene to keep it burning nicely for hours.
  • These chemicals do have some potentially unhealthy emissions and some people feel that the chemical odor can be a bit off-putting.
  • Therefore, these are not the ideal firewood alternative for those who are health and environment conscious.
  • I would not recommend cooking over or near these firelogs either!

The Big Picture

As you can probably already guess, I’m not the biggest fan of these artificial fire logs. Between their artificial nature, their chemicals, and strange smells, I just feel they do not have a place in my house. That isn’t to say that they can’t be convenient in some circumstances if you are willing to put up with these downsides. However, I have recently found an alternative that I prefer. The Java Log is a similar log that is instead made from recycled coffee grounds and a vegetable-based wax. It is all recycled (including the packaging), has low emissions, no chemicals, and no chemical odors. I strongly recommend it over the Duraflame alternatives if you can find it.

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