Copper Fire Pit: 2022 Quick Guide

So you want an outdoor fire pit? But what kind to get? There are so many choices!

Well, a copper fire pit is a great choice for several reasons:

  1. It looks great! – Its true! Copper is a very attractive metal. The golden copper color is much more attractive than many of the dull black cast iron firepits. It stands out and really sets the firepit off as a great accent piece to a beautiful backyard setting. So for the fashion and beauty conscious, a copper fire pit is a great choice! You can find fire pits with smooth copper or hand-hammered copper as pictured above.
  1. It’s long-lasting – Copper has a very high melting point, much higher than cast iron. Therefore, over repeat usage cast iron can slowly erode, eventually thinning out and breaking. Copper lasts much longer, it is almost unheard of for a copper fire pit to break, even after thousands of hot fires! Also, copper does not corrode or rust. Therefore, for an outdoor fire pit it is ideal! Cast iron can rust with exposure to air and does not do well with water.
  1. It conducts heat well – Copper is used in cookware because it is such a good conductor of heat. In your fire pit this means that it will transmit all that wonderful warmth from your fire to you sitting around enjoying it.

So what are the downsides to copper? There are not many. The primary downside I can think of is that copper fire pits tend to cost more than others. In general, cast iron fire pits are about half the cost of a good copper pit. This is a generalization and you might find some good sales. But in the long run, paying the extra tariff for copper may pay off in terms of beauty and longevity.

Here are a few things to consider when buying a copper fire pit:

  • Size – Like most fire pits, copper ones vary in size greatly. Figure out how much room you have for a firepit and shop accordingly. Also, if you plan to move your fire pit around, a very large one may be much more unwieldy and hard to move. It might not fit in your car! So find a size that fits your plans!
  • Portability – In addition to the size (smaller sizes being more portable, obviously), different models of fire pits have additional portability features. If your outdoor fire pit is going to be sitting in the same spot in your backyard all year round, then this doesn’t matter as much. But if you want to take your copper fire pit camping or up to your ol’ summer home in the country, then portability is important! Some fire pits have wheels and even handles to aid in wheeling it around. Again, be sure it will fit in your car or truck!
  • Cooking grill – Remember, if you are planning to cook on your copper fire pit, make sure you buy one which comes with a grill grate or which has room for a grill grate to be placed on top! If your firepit is too shallow, without room for a grill grate, cooking may be difficult.

Good luck finding your perfect copper fire pit!

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