Weber Grill: 2022 Quick Guide

weber grill buying guide

Weber Charcoal Grill You’ve all seen them. The Weber Grill is the most recognized grill in the world. And for good reason! This is the classic charcoal grill. It is classic and irreplaceable. It is about as simple and straightforward as a grill can get, and that’s a good thing! These are workhorse barbecues that … Read more

Portable Fire Pit: 2022 Quick Guide

The Portable Fire Pit

By now you already know all the advantages to an outdoor fire pit. But a portable fire pit is even better! Just think, you can bring your barbecue pit anywhere you go! Going to tailgate with friends before the football game? Bring your fire pit along! Move it around your backyard, put it on your … Read more

BBQ Charcoal Grill Buying Guide 2022

Charcoal Grill Buying Guide 2022

Looking for a Charcoal Grill Buying Guide? A charcoal grill is the standard “go-to” grill that most of us know and love. It is the classic, the original, it’s the bread-and-butter of outdoor grilling. A charcoal barbecue is simple and yet produces delicious grilled foods. The beauty of a charcoal barbecue or grill is its … Read more

Charcoal Char Broil Grill: 2022 Quick Guide

Charbroil Grill Parts and Accessories

The Charcoal Char Broil grill is one of the best known producers of outdoor grills and grilling-related products. This is a reliable producer with a reliable line of both gas and charcoal grills. Here I will tell you a bit about the charcoal CharBroil grill options. Overall, I like this line of charcoal grills very … Read more

Fireplace Rotisserie: Fireplace Cooking Accessory

The Fireplace Rotisserie: Fireplace Cooking Accessory

The Fireplace Rotisserie Maybe the most important and impressive fireplace cooking accessory (although a fireplace grill is pretty great too!) is the fireplace rotisserie. Not only is it functional, easily roasting evenly cooked, juicy roasts in your fireplace, but it is also impressive looking. Most people probably haven’t even considered that you can rotisserie cook … Read more

Things You Need to Know About Ceramic Grills


Ceramic grills are often quite expensive compared to their metal counterparts. Why then do people buy them? Well, there are several theoretical and practical advantages to a ceramic type grill that make them worth it for the most devoted outdoor chefs. One of the most obvious and defendable advantages is temperature control. These grills make … Read more

Big Green Egg Grill: 2022 Review

Big Green Egg Grill: 2022 Review

The Big Green Egg grill is clearly the most famous ceramic grill on the market. It has been around a lot longer than most of the imitators and its green egg appearance is almost iconic. The Big Green Egg is an outstanding ceramic grill and has all the features and advantages that you get from … Read more

Things you need to know about BBQ Rotisserie

Things you need to know about BBQ Rotisserie

A BBQ rotisserie is a grill with a rotisserie built-in or attached. Many newer gas grills, as pictured here, come standard with a rotisserie device. Even some charcoal grills or fire pits can be rigged up to use rotisserie devices with them. These grill rotisseries are actually a great addition to any outdoor chef’s repertoire! … Read more