CharBroil Gas Grill: 2022 Quick Guide

Other than Weber, the CharBroil grill is one of the most widely seen, sold, and used barbecues. They have a huge line of grills, smokers, and accessories, including charcoal grills and portable grills. Here I am going to cover the CharBroil Gas Grill line.

Why buy a CharBroil Gas Grill?

CharBroil is a big name in grilling. They have dozens of grill and smoker models to fit almost any outdoor chef’s needs. They are easily available at many large home supply retailers and have great support for their products. In fact, you can find CharBroil grill replacement parts and accessories for just about any of their products. The downside is that individual retailers usually only carry a couple of the many models available. But different models are available from different stores so shop around! While most CharBroil grill products are on the more inexpensive end of the grill spectrum (at least compared to Lynx, Viking and other top-of-the-line models), they have a wide range to suit most any preferences and price tag.

The CharBroil Gas Grill Line

There are 6 general lines of Char-Broil grill. Within each line, there are many different models. However, each of these models has generally been made for a specific market, location or retailer. Therefore, depending on where you live and shop you will see different models. While they may vary slightly from one model to the next, every model in a given line has more in common than different. You can find them at many different types of retailers such as Home Depot, Menards, KMart, Aafes, Walmart, as well as others.

For room, I will not cover all the different CharBroil grill models within each line. Rather I will explain the general features of each line. All of them work with liquid propane gas tanks but many, as with other gas grills, can be converted to a natural gas grill model.

  • Quickset – The Quickset line of CharBroil grill is an entry level gas grill which assembles in minutes without special tools or techniques. They are easy, relatively small, yet sturdy. This is a great basic gas grill. They all feature side working surfaces and pushbutton ignition. While each model varies slightly, they all tend to have two stainless steel burners with an EvenFlame 35,000 to 40,000 BTU cooking system with about 340 to 405 sq. in. of primary cooking area on a porcelain coated wire grate.
  • Quickset Traditional – The Quickset Traditional is similar to the Quickset in that it is made to be easy to assemble with pre-assembled modules that fit together quickly and easily. Like the Quickset above, they are a good general purpose grill with a bit more power and size. They tend to be a bit bigger with three stainless steel burners and a Versa Flame 36,000 BTU cooking system and 405 sq. in. of porcelain coated cast iron cooking grate. They have a FastStart electronic ignition system and a larger cart with storage space below. They have side work tables and a condiment basket as well.
  • Performance Series – The Performance Series CharBroil grill are bigger, sturdier and have more features. These are moving up into the higher-end of gas grills with more power, more room and more versatility. Most of them have four porcelain-coated cast iron burners, a PrecisionHeat 48,000 BTU cooking system and 480 sq. in. of porcelain-coated cast iron grill cooking area with an electronic ignition. In addition, most of these gas grills have a sideburner on one of the side tables, with a 13,000 BTU Outdoor Stove and Griddle with non-stick coating. They also have a temperature gauge, a condiment basket, and storage room below. The sideburner allows you to saute, boil or griddle additional food so that all your cooking can be done outside at the grill.
  • Designer Series Stainless – Four burners, 50,000 BTU stainless steel burners and 500 sq. in. of primary cooking space means this CharBroil grill is a serious, powerful grill that can tackle anything you throw at it. It is easily convertible to a natural gas grill, has a sideburner like the Performance series, has a sturdy cart and cabinet with side tables and lots of storage room below. In addition, the Designer Series features a brushed stainless steel exterior which looks great! This is a fancy, sleek and powerful grill powerhouse.
  • Commercial Series – The Commercial Series is made specially for sale at Lowe’s. It is another sleek, stainless steal powerhouse with four or five 50,000 to 62,500 BTU brass tube burners. It has a sideburner, 500 to 640 sq. in. of porcelain-coated cast iron cooking space, and all the other features of the Designer Series above. This is the largest, most powerful and most versatile CharBroil grill available and it is sturdy and attractive. The brass burners will live a long time and everything here is made to last. Only available from Lowe’s!
  • Gas Patio Caddie – The Gas Patio Caddie is perfect for smaller decks, patios or balconies. It has a 187 sq. in. circular porcelain-coated grate but is slim and narrow so that it does not take up much room. It does not have side tables, further reducing its size. It has a circular 10,000 BTU burner and pushbutton ignition, a temperature gauge and an included 20lb. liquid propane tank. Easily portable with rolling wheels. For a smaller home or apartment, this is a great basic gas grill.

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