Broiling: A Healthy Alternative to Grilling?

Grilling has become a way of life for some people, and many have invested on the best types of grillers to make each outdoor eating experience spectacular. However, there are times when grilling up some vegetables and meat is not possible. The weather may be preventing you from going camping and having grilled food you cooked yourself over a fire. Maybe the last party you had has rendered your grill too dirty for use on such short notice. Perhaps you’re out of charcoal or propane and you have been too lazy to go to the shop to get more. Whatever is keeping you from getting out to your grill, there is always an alternative.

What is Broiling?

Broiling is a cooking method that also uses direct heat to cook food. When broiling, you have a sense of grilling, but there is a big difference. The food is enclosed so the game is different. Instead of being complacent about the color of the food, which usually indicates the rawness of the meat, you need to rely on timing to keep the food from burning. Opening up the food while it’s cooking just to check whether it’s burnt or not can be damaging to the food, especially if you’re cooking fish. Even cooking is important, especially when you can’t see the food directly. The trick is to follow a recipe and make sure the food is completely thawed out before you enclose it in a foil for broiling.

Broiling gives you the excuse to learn how your oven thermometer works. The thermometer will tell you exactly what temperature you’re using to cook your food. Usually, an oven would turn off the heat automatically when the limit is reached, resulting in the food being cooked from the residual intense heat inside the container. This could mean overcooking or under cooking if your timing isn’t right.

Use a broiling pan so that the extra fats from your food drips instead of being a factor in the cooking. The broiling pan has a container that can be used to separate the fat and greases from your meats. This can be one of the main reasons why people believe broiling is healthier than baking or grilling.

Unlike grilling, the smoke from the food will have to be aired out because you’re cooking indoors. You can save yourself the worry of setting off your sprinkler system by removing as much fat from the meat as possible. The less fat the broiling meat has, the less likely it will produce smoke while broiling.

You might miss the taste of charcoal in your broiled food, but broiling can be a great alternative if you really cannot get to your grill.

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