6 Best Smokers For Beginners To Consider Buying In 2022

Barbecuing may be a daunting task for anyone who is new to smoking, and if you are in a position where the use of a smoker or grill is totally new to you, you may find yourself making unnecessary mistake which will not give you the best of food results.

As a result, we thought to share some of the best smokers for beginners on the market which are designed to help every new smoker have a smooth use of it for no havocs or bad results.

These smokers are the most easiest and convenient to use giving you the flare to work at your best comfort with it.

Their designs are also very simple so the new user will not have to stress about how to assemble or how to use a certain part of it. They are that straightforward to use.

This review is based on their convenience, size, material build, price, warranty and added features. Hence, we encourage you to go through the list and make the choice that will work amazing for you .

We look forward to you have a great time.

What then qualifies a smoker to be great for a beginner?

They are easy and convenient

One thing is for sure, if they are meant to be for entry level use, then they should be by all means easy and convenient to use. Read as much as you can about them, if there are any contrary talks against this feature, you are free to ignore it.

They are less costive

These smokers are meant to help you learn how to smoke, so they definitely should be low in cost so that you can purchase them and practice with them.

How are you sure that smoking is an activity that you will like except you try it? So, why not try it on a smoker with a very low cost and build your way up into more advanced, pricier versions as you master the art.

Hence said, if an entry level smoker is going for a ton, please do not consider it.

Source of heat

This is a very important point. All BBQ smokers have different power up sources, so you should look for one that works well for the kind of power that works for you.

It is usually better to use a propane or electric smoker as most entry level users already have some experience using gas or electric cookers, making this type of smokers’ use easier.

Firing up, managing heat and temperatures with electric and propane smokers are much easier than a charcoal or pellet smoker. However, the charcoal and pellet smokers are quick to light up with one try or two, and you’re good.

What is most important is the availability of fuel type in your location, so you can make a choice that fits it.

Enjoy versatile cooking

Simply because you are new to smoking does not mean you should be stuck to only grilling chicken breasts.

Learning is a progressive act and so you should be able to explore the various options for this kind of cooking especially in your early days. Then, when you are a pro you can do the harder stuff.

So with this said, go for a starter smoker grill that offers the opportunity to grill, smoke, braise, bbq, sear etc with it. The combination of choice is up to you. In all you do, don’t get stuck to a singular use.

Be sure it is of a great build

It is probably your first time going to buy a smoker, you don’t want to be shabby about your purchase because you are just trying it out?

Look out for a great build, stainless steel, cast iron, porcelain coated qualities. These materials are known to last for a long time so you can expect to use the smoker for a great while.

As a beginner, there will be a number of mistakes that may be committed, make sure the smoker you are considering getting is friendly enough to allow you explore your best self without getting ruined.

How big is it?

Do you have to break a wall to create space for your smoker? Of course not!

Always go for an option that is small enough to fit in any space. Vertical smokers are usually the best with regards to space saving. They are able to fit well on a balcony and some are even designed to be for a table top. That cute!

Do not be fancily driven by the beast like looking smokers already, take a breather and get something smaller in size for the meantime as you grow in grilling skills, the larger types will fit into your needs just well.

It should then be portable

As a build up from the previous point, if the smoker is of good size for you, you can now check for its portability.

For its size, you should be able to move it around easily. Considering that a college student may be using this, you definitely know that your apartment’s space is small and there will be a need to move the smoker around a bit. Don’t go for something that you can’t move around by yourself. It will be a waste of time.

Camping and tailgating parties may be common to you at this point in your life, as you will be highly blooded to show of your skills. Again, you will need to carry your smoker around for these gathering. Ensure that the weight is light enough for you to carry all by yourself.

Controlling temperature should be easy

Temperature control is key when using any smoker. More advanced smokers may be more complicating to control temperatures with, so you don’t want to indulge yourself in this stress.

Buy a smoker that offers you easiness to control temperature with.

Look out for what the temperature gauge offers and be sure it fits your needs.

Another tip may be to find a friendly useful thermometer to add as a support for when things seem tough on the smoker. You will be in good place knowing that your food will turn out great at the end.

What is the rack offering?

Do you want to cook for just yourself or do you want to share with others?

Factor your answer into purchasing a smoker of this calibre. We said earlier to go for small enough sizes but this does not mean that should be making 1 sausage at a time. That’s cruelty!

Your beginner smoker should be able to feed at least 4 people at a go, so this can be a good standard to use when making your buy.

Reviews of the best smokers for beginners in 2022

Classic Pit Barrel Cooker Package 18 ½ in

In our series of smokers, you will realise that this Pit Barrel smokers has been one of our all time favorite, and in this list, it makes itself as one of the best types of smokers for beginners out there.

It is a simple barrel with 2 hanging rods and 8 stainless steel hooks that allows the user to hang meat or food, and leave it to cook.

It is a typical “set it and leave it? kind of a smoker, so as a beginner you have no business worrying about continually adjusting anything to get the food to cook well.

It is averagely priced and with a little saving here and there, you should be able to buy one at ease.

This Pit Barrel cooker actually offers more than just for a beginner, but is designed to be very easily used by anyone making it one of our choicest.

It is solidly built making it one of the most loved smokers on the market today. A simple 30 gallon porcelain coated steel drum that has been proven to stay in good shape for many years.

This is one that you want to get for your college school days and still keep using for when you start a family, and it will serve you well with no problems.

It has a standard grill grate which gives you a combined option with the hooks to make food for 12 and above people in one turn. This may be a challenging feature as the grill grates may not be enough for diverse cooking, but we believe the the food results yielded covers for this shortfall.

It is a very easy to use charcoal smoker and portable to move around to just anywhere that you will like it to be. It is a vertical smoker, so from our introduction, this serves a great purpose on space.


  • Assembling is easy
  • Produces consistently impressive results
  • Versatile option for cooking
  • Large capacity for grilling


  • May be pricey for a beginner

Camp Chef Smoker 24″ Smoke Vault Extra Large SMV24

Words are not enough to describe the unique design of this smoker, it looks just exactly like a vault. So, you know what, you have got treasure in store for you with this one.

It may be complained to be heavy, but this is simply as a result of its build with heavy-gauge steel designed to be as solid as a vault. It sits two cooking grids, one jerky smoky rack, two adjustable smoking racks and a porcelain coated removable base.

From this you are in a good place to make so much food for a medium sized party. Fire up this smoker with a matchless snap – ignition, and be good to make your cooking dreams come true.

Then, the beauty of this vertical vault is its amazing space saving design that still offers 903 square inches in cooking area, meaning, the design of this baby was well thought of. Although, one disadvantage is the lack of its heat holding build which will have made it just perfect.

It has 3 adjustable damper valves which gives you many options to control airflow into the smoker, and then the temperature can be monitored with the door thermometer attached to it. Life made easy!

Now, on saving the best for the last, this is the only smoker in this series and many others out there that offers the user an excellent set of recipes, cooking tips and ideas making it an excellent meat smoker to purchase.

Now, for a beginner, this added feature will come in handy to help glide your way through grilling to becoming a chef of your own standards.


  • Easy to read and control temperatures
  • Good heat output
  • Easy to clean
  • Very sturdy


  • Not insulated

Weber 741001 Original Kettle 22-Inch Charcoal Grill

Are you on a super tight budget? This smoker is the one for you priced under $100.

This kettle style is a charcoal smoker built with plated steel and enameled with porcelain on the bowl and lid. The grates are plated steel made, so rust is likely not to be a problem with it. Its temperature vents are designed to be rust – resistant and the handles are made with glass reinforced nylon.

We think the material build on this is a good one, however, for the fact that it is not completely done with stainless steel, we will advise that a cover be bought for it to give it a longer life span.

It is a very good heat resistant smoker with the ability to lock in a good amount of heat within the smoker while you cook. Hence, you do not have to worry about constantly checking your fire to ensure that you have this aspect covered.

Cleaning is made easy with its ash cleanout system that has an aluminum ash catcher. Ash is collected into an ashtray that can be easily removed and cleaned after smoking. If you hate the after clean ups, this will work for you.


  • Has heat resistant handles
  • Excellent air flow system
  • Easy to assemble
  • Temperature control is easy


  • No open lid hinge support
  • No side table for extra working

Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Black Electric Digital Smoker, Top Controller

This is one of the best vertical electric smokers for beginners covering the needs of space and power availability which is great for a new user. A quick advice; while positioning the smoker ensure to not keep this in the way due to its sharper edges that could create body scratches. This should not scare you however.

It has a feature for managing temperatures which is a very key part to smoking that you should take note of. It is made with digital temperature and timer controls with a digital panel and RF remote control which allows you control temperature easily from a distance.

This makes its use as simple as possible. To top on temperature control is the top air damper attached to the smoker which is to aid with managing temperatures more easily.

It is averagely priced as an under $200 which is a good amount for its digital features.

Cooking space is massive with this one allowing the user to make food for not less than 14 people in one turn. It makes available 4 chrome-coated racks for this purpose that give out a beautiful design on your food for that attraction that you will love.

Keeping your smoky flavors locked in is provided for, with its side loading wood chips compartment. As you grill food, you will come to the realisation that smoky flavors are the magic to winning the love of your friends over.

Finally, beneath the racks is a removable dripping pan to aid with an easy clean up. Grease from the food drips into the pan, and after cooking, all you need to do is to remove the pan and do a few wipes here and there. Your smoker should be as good as sparkling afterwards.


  • Monitors internal temperatures
  • Even cooking is attained
  • Holds heat very well


  • Spill shield edges are sharp

Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 18-Inch Charcoal Smoker, Black

This Weber device is the space saving smoker that you need when space is a main factor that drives your decision to purchase a smoker.

It is a vertical capsule like charcoal smoker that offers the user a good cooking area to grill some chicken breast, sausages, burgers and veggies which should feed at least 10 people in one turn.

So, this may go beyond a best smoker to buy for beginners, but it still offers friendly processes to allow a new user to use it just fine.

It uses charcoal as a power source so you are guaranteed of that char grill taste in your food unlike an electric smoker, and this puts the new user on a higher ranking in cooking. People get to taste your food, and they are blown away by the traditional flavors oozing out of your food.

Fueling might be more expensive for this smoker especially if you are very low on budget. However, the chargrill food results is worth breaking the safe for.

It also comes with a water pan to aid the user create moisture while cooking which is a super essential aspect for when smoking food. Otherwise, you may end up having very dry food which will not be enjoyable. Take a look at our article on how to use a smoker grill for guidance.

Now, let’s talk about its build. This Weber device has a rust resistant aluminum heat shield that locks heat in well and is cool to touch on the outside while grilling. It is also, completely coated with porcelain for a difficult wear and tear.

It sits in 2 nickel-plated cooking grates for a long lasting use, and a heat resistant nylon handle to touch while still hot within.

On temperature, it is constructed with an effective thermometer and vents on both the bowls and lid for maximum control of temperature for the best food results. You will not need to purchase an extra thermometer for a great cook.


  • Retains heat for superior grilling
  • Easy to add fuel while cooking
  • Easy to assemble, use and clean
  • Easy temperature monitoring


  • Not quite affordable

Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Charcoal Offset Smoker

Go beyond just cooking for yourself or two friends and make more food for your college friends with the wide cooking area this smoker offers.

It is a vertical smoker with a side fire box which make this feature one of our favorite choices. It is an offset smoker, one of the space saving offset types on the market designed with thoughts of the beginner in mind.

Read our article here on how offset smokers work which will help you appreciate the simplicity of this machine.

It is a solidly built smoker made with heavy duty steel and coated with high temperature powder coat finish. Such a design will go for years and not have a single rust on it. However, to be wise about long life span, always get a cover for your smokers.

It is charcoal fueled with a wood chip box offer to improve the char grill flavors on your food by loading in flavored wood chips of your choice. Still on charcoal, firing is made easy with its electronic pulse ignition system fired through a cast iron burner.

This means, you can say goodbye to charcoal lighting techniques and rather have the electrical power ups do the job.

Aside from the fact that we love the pretty design, that this smoker has, the grill grates are amazing for pretty grill marks on your meat, and afterwards you can clean up easily with its removable steel ash pan.


  • Quick and reliable ignition system
  • Minimized heat loss while smoking
  • Improves smoky flavors


  • Leakages in the non-vent areas

What is the best smoker for a beginner?

Having said much, our basis for choosing the most ideal smoker will be based on convenience and design of the smoker.

For this reason the Classic Pit Barrel Cooker Package will be our best pick.

First of all, the barrel and straight forward set up is one of the simplest to assemble leaving you with more time to prep up your food.

It has a strong stainless steel build with enough hooks to cook so much food in good temperature.

One more love, this smoker is a typical “set it and go? device. Nobody wants to have to stand by a smoker all day to cook, so this feature makes the purchase worth it. Set it and get on with life.

It has a solid build and goes beyond feeding you and your bestie only, but you can throw a party, and everyone will be satisfied from your food.

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