Top 10 Best Fire Pit Grill in 2022

Imagine having the best experiences of camping and barbequing in the comfort and security of your own backyard and you will agree that getting a fire pit grill is a great decision. You will no longer worry about whether you need to start a blazing fire to keep warm or stand guard over your barbeque making sure they do not get burned. It’s like having the best of both worlds!

A fire pit grill is more than just an additional design to your backyard’s landscape. It is actually a great way to gather around with friends on barbeque night without having to go off alone to tend to the barbeque grill. Everyone can enjoy ice cold beer, laughter and stories while being involved in the process of cooking tasty and delicious food in a hot, blazing fire. Guests can have fun pitching in the grilling process while the young ones can start with dessert by roasting marshmallows to make S’mores!

It sounds exciting right? However, before you start going around purchasing your very own fire pit grill, you have to do a little research to ensure that you are getting what you exactly need to host your next backyard camping plus barbequing shindig! Here are the Top 10 Best Fire Pit Grills that you might want to consider checking out!

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Bali Outdoors

Bali Outdoors wood burning fire pit is a black round fire pit that is fit for burning wood for heat and grilling food. The alloy steel construction makes this product durable and long lasting. It features a collapsible triangle frame rack which holds woods for better ventilation and a lot of space for the fire. The barbeque grill has a large enough space to cook or grill food for a group of people and it also complies with FDA food grade to ensure you are cooking on a safe and secure product. It weighs 27lbs and has a dimension of 32â€x 32†x 25â€.


  • Grill swivels 360 degrees for better access left or right and adjusts up and down for convenient height.
  • Round fire pit is designed with outer ledge around the central fire area that does not get hot and you can conveniently access drinks and roasting tools.
  • Outer ledge design keeps kids away from the fire for safety.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Pit has wire rack to hold burning wood away from the bottom.


  • No screen top.
  • Legs might not be as sturdy making the unit wobble and it easily gets destroyed.
  • Metal is light gauge.
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Pleasant Hearth

Pleasant Hearth’s Martin wood burning fire pit is an ideal addition to your backyard or patio where you and family can gather around to cozy up around a fire during chilly nights or enjoy a barbeque party. The fire pit’s sleek bronze finish makes your bonfire party pretty stylish. The cooking grid is chrome plated which is sturdy and safe to barbeque all your favorite food over the fire. The pit is 26 inches deep provides a lot of space for a roaring fire as you can stack your hefty logs without worrying if the unit can handle it.


  • It has built-in Circulair system which provides more air flow to keep fire burning consistently and can create bigger flames.
  • Removable mesh cover helps protect you from flying embers and sparks as well as protects your food while it is grilling.
  • Comes with poker to get mesh cover off or tend the fire.
  • Alloy steel construction is durable and sturdy.
  • Easy to assemble and portable enough.


  • No grate for the bottom.
  • Can only be used on top of hard, level, non-combustible surface.
  • Body might not be as thick as expected.
  • The lid and the body of the fire pit’s metal make up is thin and flimsy.
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INNO STAGE Smokeless Fire Bowl Pit

The INNO STAGE fire bowl pit is unique with its patented double-wall design which provides efficient heat temperature without the annoying billowing smoke. It has built-in bottom vent holes to allow oxygen to flow while the double walls warm it. Its dimensions are 12.2 x 12.2 x 8.7 inches but this product comes in three different sizes (S, M, and L).


  • Pretty handy sizes well suited for different purposes or settings.
  • Two-tier structure makes it easy to lift up and dump ashes.
  • Pit is anti-rust, resistant to high temperature and long lasting.
  • Comes with waterproof lined carrying bag for easy transport anywhere.
  • Convenient for barbeque or grilling.


  • Peel and rust will occur when putting out the flames in water.
  • Wood pellet burning only.
  • Enormous amounts of smoke happens when you reload pellets.
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Sunnydaze Northland Outdoor Fire Pit

The Northland Outdoor Fire Pit from Sunnydaze is made for large gatherings of friends and family. This fire pit is 36†x 27†x 25â€and rectangular in shape. The grate’s dimensions are 19.5†long and 11.75†wide. It can also work well for barbecue cook outs in the backyard or even in a campsite since it’s portable and easy enough to bring along anywhere. It is constructed out of durable thick steel and has a black-high temperature paint finish that is heat resistant. It comes with a durable rectangular chrome cooking grate, spark screen for safety, poker tool and a weather-resistant cover.


  • Trapezoidal metal mesh topper makes for unique and stylish design.
  • Caged wood or charcoal burning grill.
  • Hinged door on the mesh screen allows easy access to burning logs and grilling grate.
  • Easy to clean grate.
  • Tubular metal rail encircles the brazier for portability.


  • Need to spray paint coating for more heat resistance durability.
  • Rusts easily.
  • Too much heat from burning wood or coal might burn the bottom of the thin metal.
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HYKOLITY 2 in 1 Fire Pit Grill

The 2 in 1 fire pit grill from Hykolity has a multi-functional design which provides you both heating and grilling at the same time with safety and ease. It is constructed from heavy duty steel material and powder coated to keep it high temperature proof as well as rust proof. It is sturdy and well-balanced as the circular steel ring at the bottom is fixed on 4 stable legs. The fire is also designed with an outer ledge around the central fire which provides you an area to place your drinks or your cooking, roasting or grilling supplies for easy access.


  • Square shaped net provides better air circulation.
  • Deep bowl design can hold enough firewood for a healthy fire.
  • Barbecue grill swivels 360 degrees and can swing left to right.
  • Grill is adjustable up and down, fixed by screws as well as removable to be placed directly on the fire pit.
  • Easy assembly with no need for additional installation tools.
  • Comes with fire bowl, cooking grill, log rack and poker.


  • Requires fireproof mat underneath for safety to avoid burning wooden platform or grass.
  • Metal could be thicker.

Teamson Home Fire Pit

Teamson’s outdoor wood-burning fire pit is one of the sturdiest fire pit grills you can have in the market since the base itself is made out of concrete. This makes it even more well-suited to insulate fire better. Its dimensions are 21.65†x 21.65†x 11.81†and do not take too much space in your yard or outdoor patio. It also has a steel base construction design that prevents cracking and damaging, making it highly durable and long-lasting.


  • Great size for an intimate barbeque or camping with selected friends.
  • Highly solid base making it extremely stable.
  • Comes with steel poker and spark screen.
  • Color and stone design are stylish and can blend well with most backyard designs.


  • Grate is pretty flimsy.
  • Not good for a hefty sized party.
  • Requires a little bit of assembly.
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Amagabeli Fire Pit

The Amagabeli wood-burning outdoor fire pit grill is portable and convenient. The 22†x 5†dimension as well as its 5lbs weight makes this product pretty easy to transport whether for camping or just a fun get-together in the backyard. The metal fire pit is made from thick steel, finished with black high-temperature paint for heat and rust resistance ensuring that this item functions in any weather for a long time. It comes with a bowl, spark screen, poker, and two grates for the perfect cooking activity.


  • 4 Foldable legs that are pretty stable
  • No need to install as it does not need screws or nuts and bolts.
  • Nice compact fire pit but holds enough wood for a hot fire.
  • Mesh pattern not only protects from sparks but makes for better air flow.


  • Only accommodates 4-5 people around it.
  • Basin stand is made from very thin material which might not last long.
  • Might look like cast iron built but consumer claims it’s like a tin can.
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Marvoware 2 in 1 Outdoor Fire Pit

This Marvoware product is specifically design with a dual purpose: heating and grilling! The metal firepit is made out of durable thick steel which is plated with antique copper color making it both heat and rust resistant. It comes with a cooking plate which is adjustable so you can have the desired height and distance to keep your food away or near the fire. Its dimensions are 31 x 31 x 7 inches and weighs at 17lbs. It comes with a fire poker, a crossway patterned mesh screen, cooking grill plate and rain cover.


  • Large enough surface cooking area for a fun barbeque hour.
  • Grill plate is designed to swivel 360 degrees for easy access.
  • Can handle both wood and charcoal burning.
  • Easy to clean and comes in a stylish design to fit your backyard aesthetics.
  • Simple to set up and install.
  • Mesh screen prevents wood chips and sparks from splashing.
  • Has a ring bar to move the fire pit safely while it is still hot.


  • Lightweight and falls over if you put too much wood on one side.
  • Some consumers claim that the unit rusted quickly.
  • Does not come with a log grate.
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Fire Sense Revolver Fire Pit

Fire Sense offers an outdoor fire pit grill that is modern, attractive but also highly functionable. Aside from being a good campfire unit, it can transform into a good grill or if not being used, a stylish cocktail table. It weighs 65lbs with dimension of 21â€x 21†x 88 and is made of high quality steel material. It comes with a grill rack and a hardwood top cover.


  • High on functionality (fire pit, barbeque and table top).
  • No assembly needed.
  • Flat grill that comes with it is ideal for barbequing.
  • Great log holding grate.


  • Rusts easily.
  • Cannot be used on wooden deck.
  • Wood table top tends to rock back and forth.
  • Consumer thought it to be a little bit over-priced.
  • Metal used for the product construction seemed a little thin.
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Dimar Garden Outdoor Fire Pits

If you are looking for an outdoor fire pit that is perfect for any weather backyard gathering then, Dimar Garden’s fire pit is the one you should consider. The chassis of their fire pits is made out of a triangular structure with the 3 legs situated properly in different directions making it balanced and not easily overturned. It weighs around 10kg making it easily portable while the maple leaf pattern design keeps it stylish and a good whimsical addition to your backyard.


  • Product comes with installation manual for easy set up.
  • Auxiliary accessories: log grate, cooking grid, spark screen and poker.
  • Has ring handles to prevent hot hands.
  • Can burn wood, pellets or charcoal.


  • Paint melts off from extreme heat.
  • Grill’s grate is a bit far apart which is not ideal for barbequing.
  •  Not ideal for decks or flammable surfaces.
  • Cheaply made and easily prone to rusting.

Final Verdict

We do love a fire pit that serves as a grill with ease that’s why we picked BALI OUTDOORS round fire pit as the best fire pit grill in 2022.

The unique 360 swivel grill that this fire pit features not only provides a great space to cook food on but also offers a unique and easy approach to creating a fire pit highly functional. It’s design is also allows the user to use the surrounding outer ledge as extra space to place tools and even drinks.

It is also quite sturdy and strong so we can assure users of its durability for long lasting use.  The design also allows for better ventilation and deep fire bowl for consistent, healthy fire. It truly is the all-around fire pit grill for your outdoor activity.

What to consider when choosing a fire pit grill?

  1. Materials – Always consider what the fire pit is made of because you want to have high quality materials to make it long-lasting and wear, rust resistant. Consider how frequent you might want to use this fire pit grill or where you want to take it so you can ensure that you choose the ones built from materials that exactly meets your needs. Also consider a fire pit that has a very sturdy base to avoid toppling accidents.
  2. High-Temperature Paint– Ensure that your fire pit has strong and durable high temperature paint coating to avoid it from melting or burning. You don’t want to waste money on something that easily chips or cracks after a few uses with more than medium sized flames. Durability is important.
  3. Size and Functionality– Do you want a compact, easy to carry around fire pit grill or do you want a sturdy, concrete, well-balanced fixture in your backyard? How much grilling space do you need? Are there any specific size of crowd or guests you want to be able to gather around your fire pit? Also, consider what type of fuel your fire pit needs: wood or charcoal?
  4. Safety– Consider the accessories, tools and build of the fire pit to ensure the safety of everyone around it especially with children in the group. You need to check if the safety mesh covers truly protects you from flying embers or splashing oils while cooking.

There are plenty of fire pit grills available and choosing can really be a confusing and difficult task. However, take your time to consider each factor and do not hurry to pick without considering all aspects of the product. It is very easy to go for looks and design aesthetics to fit your landscape but remember, functionality should be top priority because you want to be able to enjoy a warm, cozy atmosphere with your company while being able to grill the food you want to share.

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